Wales’ Certified Carbon Literacy Trainer

[:en]Cynnal Cymru is now the official partner of the Carbon Literacy project in Wales and we are proud to announce that our colleague Rhodri Thomas is now the first Certified Carbon Literacy Trainer in Wales.

Carbon Literacy is a concept created in Manchester by Cooler Projects Ltd. and administered by the Carbon Literacy Trust. It is a key component of Greater Manchester’s carbon reduction plans led by Mayor Andy Burnham. For those not comfortable with the word “literacy” it can go by other names but the core idea is simple – everyone should have the opportunity to understand the causes and consequences of climate change and be supported to play their part in response to this global threat.

The project aims to nurture a culture in which we live our lives with the understanding that our actions have consequences and that we are all components of a global ecosystem. The BBC, Manchester City Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, Jacobs, twenty one housing associations and dozens of community initiatives across Greater Manchester are just some of the organisations that have benefited from Carbon Literacy training. Salford aims to become the world’s first Carbon Literate City. The Carbon Literacy Project is also prominent in Scotland where it is supported by the Scottish Government, and it is being adopted in Holland, France, Canada, and by the International Olympic Committee.

This month, Rhodri is delivering Carbon Literacy Sessions for Tai Ceredigion and Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum of Wales. In December he will be delivering a session at the Community Housing Cymru offices in Cardiff – all members of Community Housing Cymru are welcome to sign up for this.[:]

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