Welsh Government, Living Wage Foundation and TISCreport forge alliance to tackle In-Work Poverty in Wales, and the UK


Welsh Government, the Living Wage Foundation and TISCreport – the world’s only transparency in supply chains register already monitoring compliance with the Modern Slavery Act – have joined forces to publish which companies have been accredited as Living Wage Employers.

Says Stephen Chapman, Anti-Slavery Partnership Coordinator for Welsh Government: “The Wales Anti-Slavery Leadership Group is determined to tackle slavery and labour exploitation in Wales. We have established our ‘Ethical Employment in Supply Chains – Code of Practice’ for Welsh public supply chains and beyond. Our partnership with the Living Wage Foundation and TISCreport enables us to make the data on Living Wage Employer Accreditation available for all who wish to use it to promote better social outcomes.”

Mari Arthur, Director of Cynnal Cymru, says:

“Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales is the national sustainable development charity in Wales, with over 16 years’ experience of supporting change for a sustainable future. We became the Living Wage Accrediting Body for Wales in 2016 in order to work towards getting people in work out of poverty”. She continues “We support ethical employment practices generally and through the Living wage can help deliver real benefits to the people living and working in the most deprived areas of Wales; there are huge inequalities that urgently need redressing. With over 4,000 Living Wage accredited employers across the UK, 150,000 people are now receiving an increased salary (with £613 million extra in low paid workers pockets since the start of the campaign). However, there are currently just 144 accredited employers in Wales. Through working in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation, Welsh Government and the TISCreport we hope to strengthen this work in the UK as well as improving local economies in Wales and making sure everyone has the opportunity of fair wages.”

Jaya Chakrabarti MBE, CEO, TISCreport, adds

“We’re really proud to be able to announce the addition of data showing if an organisation is an accredited Living Wage Employer (or not) to the TISCreport transparency in supply chains register as part of our partnership with Welsh Government to encourage ethical employment in supply chains”. She adds “Further, our partnership with the Living Wage Foundation will enable us to raise awareness with our public, private and voluntary members about which of their suppliers are accredited Living Wage Employers across the whole of the UK. Members of the public will also be able to see this publicly on our site. We will update this monthly and look forward to celebrating more workers in public supply chains paid at or above the Living Wage.”

TISCreport has built its platform to enable buyers to quickly check their supply chains for available corporate transparency data. Just by uploading their suppliers from their systems, public sector buyers can keep their supply chains transparent, and they can check modern slavery act compliance for free.”

In accordance with section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act TISCreport tracks websites of all those companies and groups known by the system to be over £36M in turnover as well as recording voluntary compliance from organisations below the threshold. More critically, the system automatically alerts companies that are overdue that they need to take action as long as social media or email contact details are available.

The TISCreport dynamic dataset is continually being updated, and there are now 917 UK public bodies within the system. It is a certified open data provider, free to join, enabling an in-depth drill down of data against shared supply chains via a private, secure dashboard. Uniquely, beyond the UK, TISCreport interlocks intelligently with related global legislations focussing on supply chain transparency and tackling modern slavery/ human trafficking.

Says Stuart Gallemore, CTO of TISCreport,

“We’re worked hard to create a platform to help organisations fight modern slavery collaboratively, compatible with global technology systems and that is GDS compliant. With critical mass reached on the compliance data side we are now looking to join things up quickly with intelligence on the ground that can help real victims of exploitation. We’re integrating rapidly now with numerous related data sets that provide even deeper insights for all our members. The Anti-Slavery Helpline team are on the front foot with their approach to data sharing. These are exciting times!”

As a B-Corp social enterprise, TISCreport funds itself through subscription fees and data services from organisations able to afford the £200 annual fee. 50% of the subscription fee goes directly to anti-slavery charity Unseen, which runs the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline.[:]

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