The Pelican Nursery becomes one of Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales’ first members

[:en]We opened the Pelican Nursery in January this year. Our whole ethos is to offer the next generation a better future through the gift of the Welsh language, a wholesome organic diet and an eco-environment filled with old fashioned toys and games, upcycled items and a strong connection to the community.

As a small, local business and one keen to do all we can to make a more sustainable world for our children we signed the Sustainable Development Charter earlier this year and are trying to implement and showcase what can and are doing to improve our sustainability; and as such we hope that our business will also benefit economically making us financially sustainable. This will ensure the future of the business and enable us to grow the business and give the gifts that are bilingualism and a healthy relationship to healthy food to more families.

We actively followed the recent ascension of the Well-being of Future Generations Bill into the Act and are now trying to incorporate the Well-being Goals into our plans. The Act’s definition of Sustainable Development really appealed to us:
“’Sustainable development’ means the process of improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales by taking action, in accordance with the sustainable development principle, aimed at achieving the well-being goals.[:]

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