The 2019 Summit Discussion: Putting the Citizen at the Heart of Urban Travel




09 MAY 2019 | 09:15 – 16:00 | CARDIFF

We are now gathering the resources for our fourth annual Sustain Wales Summit. We have devoted considerable effort in recent years to gather and focus expertise on the future of the car and road transport in general. We recognise the important, positive role that the car has played in our economic and social history, and we realised that people would not give up their cars easily, even though they are now associated with major environmental and health problems.

It has become apparent that our relationship with the car has to change: this conclusion is drawn by a number of organisations and experts – see IWA Decarbonising Transport in Wales Report for example. Our work on vulnerable customers and marginalised communities has focused our attention on the need to ensure that marginalised communities in Wales don’t lose out as transport decarbonises.

In the future, for several reasons, car ownership must and will decline. So the less well-off and those furthest from the economic centres have to be factored into the development of exciting new integrated transport systems. Meanwhile, it is often the less well-off, the youngest and oldest who suffer from polluted air while we delay the transition to low emission transport.

So our 2019 summit, building on our track record of work on road transport since 2016, will gather expertise to examine social justice and the needs of citizens in the evolving, integrated, low emission transport ecosystem that we all hope Wales will soon enjoy.


The summit will be separated into three categories and we will shortly announce exciting speakers to share learning on the below themes:


Healthy travel, healthy communities

·         Setting the scene: the case for clean air

·         Low emission transport alternatives to the car

·         Clean air innovations



Changing the way we move around our towns and cities

·         Integrating active travel

·         Mobility Credits

·         Active travel in the workplace



Creating opportunity and delivering well-being

·         Integrated transport systems

·         Reaching all communities

·         Car clubs / shared mobility



Tickets are now available and you can book via Ticketsource.

MEMBERS £50 plus VAT | EARLY BIRD £65 plus VAT  | NON MEMBERS £90 plus VAT 


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