Targeted Action Plans

A well-crafted action plan can be a transformative step towards sustainable practices - helping people, nature, the climate - and the bottom line.

Our advice process doesn’t stop at creating the action plan. Our staged approach includes understanding your business; collaborating with your team to identify actions based on your specific circumstances, and regular stock-takes and reviews to refine, improve and celebrate.

Why choose Cynnal Cymru

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges faced by SMEs and can provide flexible solutions that work with your deadlines and budgets.

We connect and point you to the right information and people to help amplify your impact

We focus on tangible benefits and use relatable examples to highlight different routes to success

We help you link sustainability, social value and your wider mission

We listen and we are always happy to answer questions

We work flexibly to accommodate your availability and budgets

Our integrated sustainability services have been developed specifically to support smaller charities and SMEs to deliver targeted actions in line with sustainability goals and targets.

Find out how we can support you on your journey

How we will work with you

Our approach spans a staged year-long collaboration, built around your availability and priorities.

1: Understanding
your needs

Day 1

2: Crafting
a path

1 month

3: Celebrating milestones

Six months

4: Refine
and renew

1 year

1: Understanding your needs

Our collaboration begins with understanding your story – your values, aspirations, and current environmental footprint. Through thoughtful conversations and our insightful questionnaire, we seek to explore and understand your strengths, opportunities, and areas for growth.

2: Crafting a path

A month later, we present you with a personalized action plan – a tailored roadmap unique to your organisation. This plan, aligned with the guiding principles of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, will chart your course towards minimizing your environmental impact and maximizing your positive influence whilst still meeting operational demands.

3: Celebrating milestones

Six months in, we will re-convene to celebrate your progress and, if necessary, re-focus and re-energise efforts. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and every step, every action, holds value. We'll analyse your triumphs and address any challenges you might face, offering advice, connections and support as you move forward.

4: Refine and renew

Another six months, another milestone. We meet again to reassess your progress and refine your path as needed. This ongoing collaboration ensures your action plan remains dynamic and effective, continuously adapting to your evolving needs and the wider world around you.

Fueling your commitment

To reward your dedication – and to keep the team motivated – we’ll present you with a personalised Well-being of Future Generations Act statement upon completing your mid-review. This powerful document, outlining your commitment to sustainability, serves not just to highlight your journey but will also prove invaluable when securing future funding and attracting like-minded collaborators.

Our expert team combine policy insights with cross-sector best practice to ensure your plans fit with operations, are actionable, meaningful and measurable.

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