Take the 2018 #iwill challenge!


This year Cynnal Cymru is working with the Wales Council for Voluntary Action WCVA and the #iwill campaign to encourage organisations in Wales to make a pledge to support social action.

#iwill is a UK-wide campaign aiming to make participation in meaningful social action, like volunteering, campaigning or fundraising, a normal part of life for young people aged between 10-20.

As part of our 2018 campaign, Cynnal Cymru is looking to sign up 10 new organisations in Wales to the #iwill campaign and we need your support!

How you can get involved

As a leading organisation, we want you to join a growing movement of more than 800 influential organisations from across the UK in pledging to this years’ campaign.

This can be as simple as providing voluntary internships within your organisation, encouraging and supporting your employees to volunteer with local schools or youth groups or developing your recruitment process to positively recognise social action.

A good place to start is by identifying any existing good practices within your organisation that you can build on and support.

What are the business benefits?

By developing social action opportunities in your organisation you can benefit from the following:

Better new recruits: Young people who have taken part in social action have already developed many of the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Asking about social action experience during recruitment enables employers to uncover these skills.

Attracting the best talent: for many young people it is important that their employer has values with which they can identify. Supporting youth social action allows businesses to show their commitment to young people and to supporting and serving communities. It can help businesses to differentiate themselves as an employer that young people aspire to work for.

Cost-effective (‘off the job’) learning and development: building social action into training and development is a cost-effective way to provide younger employees with opportunities to develop the skills that will enable them to progress within the business and contribute more fully to business growth.

Reputation: supporting youth social action can give businesses an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), connect them more closely to local communities, and enhance their brand and reputation.

Make a pledge!

Ready to make a pledge? Here are a few example pledges to get you started:

We will support volunteering days taken by our employees, and encourage them to give their time, and their skills, to help support young people and social action initiatives.

We will provide volunteering opportunities within our organisation that support youth action.

We will recognise the skills that young people gain through social action (volunteering, campaigning & fundraising) as part of our recruitment process.

We will raise awareness of social action within our own organisation by highlighting stories through our communications.

Take one simple step and pledge today at: www.iwill.org.uk/iwill-pledge-upload/

Help and Support

For more information you can download, a practical guide by employers for employers featuring advice and best practice examples from businesses across the UK.

For help in developing your pledge, or to let us know that a pledge has been made, please contact: Felicitie Walls, WCVA  fwalls@wcva.org.uk

For more news about the campaign visit, iwill.org.uk and follow @iwill_campaign on twitter.[:]

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