Size of Wales launch ‘A Tree for Christmas’ Campaign

[:en]Climate Change Charity, Size of Wales launches this years ‘A tree for Christmas’ campaign, helping to prevent deforestation and give the gift of a tree to a family in Uganda:

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all getting ready to put up our Christmas tree and adorn it with twinkling lights and baubles. It’s got to be one of the best moments of Christmas!

While you’re getting in the festive mood, we ask you to embrace the season of giving and goodwill and donate to plant trees in Uganda.

We’re asking for a small donation of £3 which will plant 10 trees in Uganda. It isn’t much but for a family in Mbale, a tree can mean fruit providing vital nutrition, better health and increased income. It can mean shelter and better harvests for a farmer. It can mean better soil stability and fewer devastating land-slides. It can mean tackling climate change.

To find our more or to make a donation, please visit the Size of Wales website.

#TreeforXmas Campaign[:]

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