Size Of Wales are now Protecting an Area of Tropical Rainforest Across Africa and South America Twice the Size Of Wales – Double Their Initial Target!

[:en]Thanks to their newest project, a collaboration with The South Pole Group based in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe in southern Africa, Size of Wales are protecting an area of rainforest twice the Size of Wales.

Marco Magini of the South Pole Group said: “By working with the Size of Wales we are able to protect an area of around 780,000 hectares, about one third of the size of Wales. These forests are vital in our battle against climate change and by working with the local communities we are able to create sustainable business opportunities such as beekeeping and offer conservation farming practices for smallholders making their living in the forest areas.

“Work is also underway to develop Moringa leaf production and to maintain ecotourism in the area to generate jobs and income and to protect the wildlife by operating up anti-poaching teams.”

This exciting milestone coincides with the appointment of new Director, Rita Singh. She brings with her a breadth of experience from her former roles with Cynnal Cymru, the Climate Change Commission and most recently. the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner.

Rita said: “I’m delighted to be joining Size of Wales, created as a national response to climate change, at a time when it is even more important than ever to show what can be achieved by nations big and small to tackle this global challenge. The pressures on our natural world are ever increasing, and now more than ever we need to collaborate with organisations from across the world to protect and enhance the forests that provide us with so many of the essential things we need, and to ensure sustainable livelihoods for communities that depend on them.

She continued, “I am excited to be leading the team that is committed to delivering on what a nation the size of Wales can do to address climate change. Finally I would like to thank Claire Raisin for leaving a great legacy to take forward”.

If you would like to learn more about Size of Wales and their projects, make a donation or get involved with their fundraising campaigns, visit[:]

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