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In October, Public Health Wales became the first public sector organisation in Wales to complete Cynnal Cymru’s new ‘carbon literacy’ training.  Eleven colleagues in a variety of roles across the organisation took part and have been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project in Manchester.

Following the course, the team have already started to use their knowledge to support Public Health Wales’ environmental sustainability approach, where the organisation is committed to calculating and reducing its carbon footprint.

Rhodri Thomas, Cynnal’s Principal Consultant, covered content including the greenhouse effect, climate change, carbon footprints, and reducing public sector emissions.

“Carbon Literacy is now established in greater Manchester across the public, private and voluntary sectors. It is catching on in Scotland and we aim to make it part of Wales’ sustainability culture. It is appropriate that Public Health Wales, as one of the most innovative and forward thinking organisations that we work with, has been the first to use our training. It is important that people understand the facts about climate change, why some people are in denial and how all of us have the power to change our world and the world. Carbon Literacy is ultimately about giving people the confidence and information to take action. Anyone can become carbon literate and Cynnal Cymru is here to help them do that!”

Rhodri Thomas, Principal Consultant, Cynnal Cymru 


“Public Health Wales is committed to being an exemplar public body in the Well-being of Future Generations Act, which includes contributing to a low carbon society for the ‘prosperous Wales’ well-being goal.  We are already using our learning from the course to set and meet our environmental sustainability action plan”.

Richard Lewis, Programme Manager, Health and Sustainability Hub  

For further information on Cynnal Cymru’s ‘carbon literacy’ visit the Carbon Literacy web page.


Carbon Literacy Project

The Carbon Literacy Project

Carbon Literacy is a concept created in Manchester by Cooler Projects Ltd. and administered by the Carbon Literacy Trust. Cynnal Cymru is working with Cooler Projects to promote Carbon Literacy in Wales.[:]

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