‘Our Future’s People’ – Your Green Future event with Severn Wye Energy Agency

[:en]Severn Wye Energy Agency have recently launched an exciting new sustainability project for schools called ‘Our Future’s People’. The project will run in 10 Powys secondary schools over the next two years, during which teams of students will work to improve the sustainability of their schools’ operations.

As part of this project Severn Wye Energy Agency are running a sustainable careers event to highlight the range of employment opportunities available within the sustainability sector. Students will take part in a series of workshops where they will work with professionals from local businesses to solve a range of sustainability problems. They will also visit a career pathways exhibition where they will have a chance to talk to local employers and to further and higher education providers in order to find out more about the opportunities available to them.

At the event, over 400 secondary school students will work with a wide range of organisations in a series of workshops, exploring what sustainability means for business, how we might create a low carbon, resilient economy and how this might influence their career choices. They will also attend a career pathways exhibition where they will have a chance to speak to a range of local organisations and education providers, exploring the options available in sustainability-related roles.

Please see www.yourgreenfuture.org.uk for more information.

There are 2 main ways organisations can become involved:
1) Severn Wye Energy Agency are looking for organisations and education providers to host stands in the career pathways exhibition. This will give you a chance to promote the work of your organisation and show students the opportunities your organisation provides in terms of sustainability-related career and training
opportunities. It is free to exhibit.
2) Severn Wye Energy Agency are looking for organisations (with some degree of sustainability (energy, waste, water etc.) background) to provide members of staff who can support students with their tasks in each of the workshops. No specialist knowledge is required and they will not be responsible for behaviour management – each workshop is run by a qualified teacher / trainer. Members of staff would work with a small group of students (max. 7) on a set task that will be explained to the students beforehand. There is minimum (if any) preparation required. Specifically in relation to the workshops we need organisations with a focus on waste reduction (for the Your Resourceful Future workshop); or retail, fashion or food production of some kind (for the Your Business Future); or if your business has innovative ideas for new sustainable products/concepts, the Your Innovative Future workshop has a vacancy for a mentor to pitch their innovation to the Dragons (thestudents) for up to £1m of investment.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or would just like to find out more please contact OwenC@severnwye.org.u as soon as possible.[:]

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