New study investigates green growth in Welsh economy

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A new report investigating the potential for green growth in the Welsh economy is being presented to Carl Sargeant, the Minister for Natural Resources today (Monday, 9 February).

The report has been prepared by members of the Green Growth Steering Group, led by Climate Change Commissioner for Wales Peter Davies and Professor Garel Rhys of Cardiff University Business School and chair of the St Athan – Cardiff Airport Enterprise Zone, after being commissioned by the Economy Minister, Edwina Hart.

The Green Growth Steering Group was set up to look at how Wales could benefit from the green economy and how economic development can work alongside the needs of the environment and society. The report was presented following the latest meeting of the Welsh Council for Economic Renewal.

Presenting the Green Growth Baseline Study, Mr Davies said: “Green growth is a global challenge that will have a transformational impact – we need to position Wales to be at the forefront of that change so that we may realise the opportunities that arise.

“Many businesses and organisations are already actively taking forward a green growth approach, and we are working with them to help develop opportunities and share learning. In many ways, today’s launch complements those developments.

“The study and its recommendations are wide ranging. The key point is that the study very clearly identifies green growth as an approach to the development of the whole economy. This isn’t an approach just for some sectors or certain sizes or types of organisation. And it establishes that there is no inherent conflict between economic development and the needs of the environment and society, if a green growth approach to development is taken.[:]

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