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[:en]Introducing our New Members

We would like to welcome new members Plasdŵr to our network of organisations.

2019 is set to be another exciting year for Plasdŵr as it continues to grow. At Parc Plymouth and Cae St Fagans, some of Plasdŵr’s founding residents began the new year in their new homes for the first time.

This year will see them move even closer to realising their vision for Plasdŵr. Planning permission has been granted for the fourth Plasdŵr development, Cwrt Sant Ioan, and they are looking forward to announcing their third developer in the coming months.

Community will continue to be a key focus for them in 2019. Community Liaison Manager, Katie Powis, is continuing to meet with local residents, community councils and schools to build positive relationships and consider how they can best work together throughout the year.

Upcycling Initiative 

Now that construction is well underway at four Plasdŵr developments, they’ve been thinking about ways in which they can re-purpose leftover materials, like piping and pieces of wood, to minimise waste and do something positive to help our neighbours and the environment.

With that in mind, and with the help of contractor Alun Griffiths, Plasdŵr have launched an upcycling initiative. Instead of being thrown away, any waste left over from construction at Alun Griffiths sites will be put to one side for local community projects in need of construction materials.

Welsh language nursery, Cylch Meithrin Pentrebaen, near their Cae St. Fagans development, is the first project to benefit from the initiative. The nursery is planning to use the materials provided to make some improvements to the outdoor playground.

Katie Powis, Community Liaison Manager for Plasdŵr, said:

We’re always looking for ways we can support our neighbours, so this initiative was the perfect way to combine community outreach with our commitment to sustainability. As Plasdŵr continues to grow, and the number of developments underway increases, we hope to expand on this and help as many community projects as we can.

We look forward to working closely with Plasdŵr on their sustainability agenda as new members.[:]

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