Nature Wise

Eco Literacy

Learn about the links between human activity and ecosystem disruption and develop the knowledge to enable you and your organisation to take action for nature recovery.

Nature Wise is a science-based, action-focused course to help you to understand the relationships between people and natural systems. It shares knowledge, builds understanding and provide the tools to motivate and catalyse action. 

The course


Two sessions
in one week

Facilitated Sessions

Tuesday (2hrs)
Thursday (2.5 hrs)

Self Directed Learning

1 - 3 Hours


Subject to completion
of the course

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

Who is this Course for?

The course is for anyone concerned about the nature crisis or who want to understand more about ecosystems and the pressures they are under. No previous knowledge is needed.

For individuals

Individuals will learn about the links between human activity and ecosystem disruption and develop the knowledge to enable action for nature recovery.

Standard course

£130 + VAT
  • 100 + VAT for Cynnal Cymru Members
  • Price per person
  • Dedicated Tutor
  • Learn as part of a group of up to 15 people
  • Ongoing access to course materials
  • *A digital certificate unique to you

For teams or groups

Teams, community groups or small organisations will develop a shared understanding of how organisational activity relates to ecosystem disruption and be able to develop responses that are relevant and appropriate.

Standard course

£1250 + VAT
  • 965 + VAT for Cynnal Cymru Members
  • Price per group booking
  • Dedicated Tutor
  • For teams of up to 15 people
  • Peer-to-peer learning across the team
  • Ongoing access to course materials
  • *A digital certificate unique to each member of your organisation

Across organisations

For larger organisations and consortiums that want to take the next step to becoming a Nature Wise Organisation through support with roll out of peer-to-peer learning and the creation of tailored courses for different learner groups.

Tailored course(s)

£1750* + VAT
  • 1365 + VAT for Cynnal Cymru Members
  • Dedicated tutor
  • For teams of up to 15 people
  • Ongoing access to course materials
  • *A digital certificate unique to each member of your organisation
  • A bespoke course tailored for your organisation
  • Discount for subsequent course delivery
  • *Prices from

Member benefits and discounts

Discounted services

As a member you can benefit from special discounted prices on all our training and consultancy services.

Free annual training

Each year you can benefit from one free place on our accredited Carbon Literacy training course.

Course structure

Day 1

2 hours

We will explore our relationship with nature, the science behind how ecosystems function and the ways that nature is impacted by human activity.

Welcome and introductions

Introduction to ecosystems
Part one focuses on exploring what ecosystems are and how they function. We look at the ways that natural systems interact to create the conditions that allow life and also reflect on our personal relationship with the natural world and what nature means to us.

How are ecosystems changing?
Part two looks at the ways that ecosystems are changing under pressures from changes in land and sea use, climate breakdown, pollution and non-native species. We explore the changes that we may have noticed in our own lives and look at national and global trends from key evidence bases such as the Inter-Governmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Eco-Systems Services (IPBES).

Day 2

2.5 hours

We look at the drivers for action on the nature crisis, explore barriers to changing behaviours and create our own action plans for nature recovery.

Welcome and recap       

‘Can nature recover?’

Part one considers the range of action necessary to enable nature recovery and also the national and international frameworks driving action and change. We also consider the positive signs of change that may be going on around us at a local level.

What can I do?
Part two considers the opportunities for practical action and personal choices that can help nature recover. We explore behaviour change insights around environmental messaging and Wales’s own unique species and habitats. Finally we consider our own spheres of influence and activity to create a personal or organisational action plan to help nature recovery in Wales and beyond.

Course tutors

Clare Sain-Ley-Berry

Policy and Development Manager

Clare is an experienced trainer and facilitator and has been delivering Nature Wise since its inception. She has a background in delivering partnership projects for the natural environment and sustainable resource use and enjoys facilitating collaboration.

Sara Wynne-Pari

Training and Development Officer

Sara delivers Nature Wise, our eco-literacy training programme, helping to develop and tailor content, as well as providing programme support to the rest of the Cynnal Cymru team.

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