Miriam Turner

[:en]Assistant Vice President Co-innovation Interface Inc.

Miriam Turner is AVP Co-innovation for Interface Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of environmentally responsible modular floor coverings. Co-innovation is all about working together in partnership across regions, functions and sectors. In this role Miriam is responsible for driving Interface’s global growth and Mission Zero strategies through collaborative global innovation. She leads Interface’s global ideation processes, runs the global Co-innovation network and brokers relationships with external organisations and networks to develop and successfully commercialise innovative, sustainable products and services; either within the business or through licensing and spin outs.

After reading Biological Sciences at Edinburgh University, Miriam went on to complete an MProf in Leadership for Sustainable Development, run by Forum for the Future, the leading sustainability organisation in the UK. She also holds a MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona and was a finalist in their 2010 Business Plan Competition.

She has lived and worked in Spain, India, Paraguay, Mexico and Ecuador and is now based in the UK. When not pursuing sustainable innovation, Miriam is likely to be found either doing yoga or practising hula hoop tricks.

Miriam will be speaking about Innovation in business models.

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Cynhadledd Cynnal Cymru[:cy]Is-lywydd Cynorthwyol Co-innovation Interface Inc.

Mae Miriam Turner yn Is-lywydd Cynorthwyol  Co-innovation Interface Inc., sy’n arwain y byd mewn gweithgynhyrchu gorchuddion llawr modwlar amgylcheddol-gyfrifol. Mae’n arwain prosesau syniadaeth byd-eang ac yn rhedeg rhwydwaith fyd-eang Co-innovation.

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Mike Rann
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