Living Wage for Wales

The Living Wage is an independent movement of businesses, organisations and people who believe a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. The real Living Wage is independently-calculated each year based on what employees and their families need to live. Employers can choose to pay the real Living Wage on a voluntary basis.

Organisations that pay the Living Wage have reported significant improvements in quality of work, reductions in staff absence and turnover, and a stronger corporate reputation.

The real Living Wage across the UK for is £9:50 an hour and £10.85 an hour in London. There are over 5000 Living Wage Employers across the UK with 224 Living Wage employers in Wales.

Join a movement of leading organisations in Wales including:

Capital Law, Wales Council for Voluntary Action WCVA, Cardiff University, Cardiff Council, Brecon Carreg, Careers Wales, Wales Co-operative Centre and the Cardiff third Sector Council. A full list of accredited organisations can be found on the Living Wage foundation website.

They join employers across the UK ranging from FTSE 100 companies such as HSBC, Unilever and KPMG to small independent businesses who are choosing to go further than the government minimum wage and ensure that all their staff and onsite contractors earn the real Living Wage which meets the cost of living.

Getting Accredited

Accreditation is a simple and straightforward process. Register online via the Living Wage Foundation Website.

All you need to do is pay your directly employed staff over the age of 18 the real Living Wage, as well as paying it to subcontracted workers, such as cleaners, who are regularly on site 2 hours a day over an 8 week period. To find out more details about the criteria for accreditation, please read the FAQs.

There is a cost to become an accredited Living Wage employer which varies according to the size of your organisation, starting at £50 per year for those with fewer than 10 employees. Organisations in Cardiff may be eligible to apply for an accreditation support scheme run by Cardiff Council.

Paying the real Living Wage to employees is vital to developing a sustainable economy in Wales and developing Cynnal Cymru’s mission to make Wales a sustainable nation. Cynnal Cymru are looking forward to working with new employees across Wales to implement a Living Wage within their businesses.

Living Wage Funders

We are also the accrediting body for Living Wage Funders in Wales.

Ranging from local authorities to charitable trusts and foundations, corporate, science and capital funders, our Living Wage Funders are committing to tackle low pay by encouraging the organisations they support to pay the real Living Wage.

Requirements of the scheme:

1. Become an accredited Living Wage Employer with the Living Wage Foundation:

2. Pay the Living Wage on grant funded posts where possible. Living Wage Funders seek to ensure that all posts which are wholly or partially funded by the funder pay the Living Wage, unless there are particular reasons for this not to happen.

3. Support grantees to become Living Wage Employers by signposting them towards the Living Wage Foundation.

4. Provide a small amount of information annually about your progress.

This is a scheme by which funders use their powers as grant-makers to combat low-pay in the charity sector. 


By becoming a Living Wage Funder you:

  • Get access to guidance on applying the Living Wage to grant-funded posts, including templates and case studies
  • Become part of a strategic community of funders that support and promote the Living Wage, contributing to ending low pay in the third sector
  • Are entitled to use the Living Wage Funder Mark
  • Appear on the LWF website so that supporters and grantees can easily find out about the commitment you have made
  • Have the opportunity to work with the LWF on press coverage to promote your Funder recognition
  • Receive an invitation to events during Living Wage Week and a pack with materials and guidance on how to be part of the national celebrations
  • Are kept up to date on the Living Wage campaign and opportunities to celebrate your recognition

Alternatively, you can contact Lois or explore the two accredited Welsh funders WCVA and Building Communities Trust.

Cynnal Cymru are the Living Wage accreditation body for Wales.

Please contact Bethan on 02920 431746 if you are interested in becoming a living wage employer.

Visit the Living Wage website for more information.


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