[:en]24% of workers in Wales are still earning less than the Living Wage for Wales. 15,117,264 in extra wages has gone into workers’ pockets in Wales since the voluntary movement started in 2011. The independently calculated rate reflects rise in cost of living

 The Living Wage Foundation have today announced the new Living Wage for Wales of £8.75 per hour. Workers in Wales must earn £8.75 p/h if they are to make ends meet with dignity.

Living Wage new rate announced

More than 114 Welsh employers have committed to give staff a pay rise as the new Living Wage for Wales rate rises to £8.75 due to rising inflation. The Living Wage rates are independently calculated and based on the real cost of living,

The Living Wage for Wales rate has increased by 30p from £8.45 to £8.75 which is a 3.6% rise on last year.

The announcements come after new research published by KPMG yesterday showed that 268,000 people are still paid less than the Living Wage for Wales.

Living Wage for Wales employers have welcomed the news, with the Living Wage Foundation announcing new accredited employers to coincide with the week including:

  • Careers Wales
  • Wales Co-operative Centre
  • Cardiff Third Sector Council

Picture from left to right, clockwise:

Ruth Marks, WCVA – first Welsh, Friendly Funder, Cllr Chris Weaver, Cardiff Council and C3SC[:]


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