Lightology: 2 Years of Carbon Reduction

[:en]Members and sponsors of our September Green Drinks Event: Lightology were formed towards the end of 2016 by Energy Industry Professional, Jon Davies. After years of corporate life, he wanted to pursue his passion for sustainability – primarily carbon and waste reduction.

For years, Ofgem have driven energy companies to encourage energy efficiency in domestic situations – remember those horrible energy efficient light bulbs they gave away to be compliant? At the other end of the scale, ESOS was introduced to force larger companies of 250+ employees to think carefully about their impact on the environment.

But what about the SME element? 50% of the UK’s economy comes directly from the SME community. Jon thought there had to be a way to encourage this boiler-room of job and wealth creation to operate in a more sustainable manner. The key? Make it financially viable!

A model was built around the maturing technology of LED lighting. Working with full commerciality in mind, the goal was to create a lighting scheme that had a full Return On Investment of 4 years or under. This would be reduced further through tax offsets (Corporation Tax and ECA to name two) but even with that not factored, the business would have 10-16 years of enhanced efficiency, reduced bills, reduced maintenance costs and a more profitable bottom line.

The concept was further advanced by offering a finance package for those businesses without Capital Expenditure wants. A simple formula: –
(Savings from installation benefits) > (monthly payments for installation)
i.e. an immediate profitability increase with an accelerated benefit after the 4 year finance is settled.

But what about the Carbon?
For every kWh energy reduction, current estimates are that 0.35kg less Carbon Dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Thus far, Lightology’s installations have reduced annual energy consumption by 380,000 kWh which equates to a 133,000 kg Carbon reduction!
Plus, due to the fact that the installed fixtures will have a lifespan of up to 20 times that of the traditional fitting, that is thousands of kilos less waste to be disposed of. Waste that often contains toxic mercury.

And they are just getting started…

photo of lighting case study

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