Launch of the Community Jobs Compact

[:en]On Tuesday morning, Cynnal Cymru in partnership with Citizens Wales and Ikea hosted the launch of the Bay’s Community Jobs Compact. The event brought together large and small businesses from across Cardiff to discuss ethical recruitment and employment practices with members of the community in Butetown, Grangetown and Riverside.

The event provided an opportunity for the three themes of low pay, under-representation in the workplace and job security to be highlighted with the aim to encourage employers to improve employment opportunities for local people. The local Assembly Member for Cardiff South and Penarth and previously a councillor for Butetown, AM Vaughan Gething spoke about the importance of the Living Wage and fair recruitment.

Members of the community and employers then shared why tackling these issues are good for people but also good for business. Ralph, a member of staff from Ikea spoke about the difference being paid the real Living Wage has made to his family, and Sarah Drew from ITV Wales shared the reasons why ITV Wales became the first UK broadcaster to become accredited Living Wage employers and the important of valuing their staff.

Abir Islan from Grangetown shared his experience of struggling to find work in Cardiff, despite a First Class Honours degree and supported the introduction of unconscious bias training for employers. Ikea shared their way of tackling under-representation in the workplace through ensuring all people from the local area are given the opportunity for an interview and their targets for greater representation across the organisation as well as their commitment to permanent jobs and the Living Wage.

Barhoom Alshiekmid from Butetown shared his story of applying for work in Cardiff with little success despite a 2.1 degree in Software Engineering and therefore has ended up working abroad. Barhoom believes his name, appearance and religion is preventing him getting an interview and this urgently needs to change. Richard Lomox, a Director from KPMG in Cardiff shared the ethical recruitment practices with staff receiving unconscious bias training and name blind CV’s for shortlisting with the aim to provide equal opportunities to all.

It was an insightful and inspiring event being able to hear about the experiences of local people with regards to recruitment and employment in Cardiff. A number of local employers have committed to working with Citizens UK and Cynnal Cymru to tackle these issues and have signed the Community Jobs Compact, committing to a Living Wage, fairer recruitment practices and permanent jobs for their employees. We hope this movement will continue to grow to improve opportunities for local people.

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