Launch of a Sustainable Transport Vision For a Post-lockdown Wales

Transform Cymru are a coalition of organisations passionate about connecting people and places across Wales in a sustainable and inclusive way.

As a coalition, they are committed to working with Welsh Government, Transport for Wales and Local Authorities to make the vision a reality for the people of Wales. In order to achieve the vision, they are calling for authorities to commit to the seven steps outlined in the report.

Cynnal Cymru supports the vision and would like to provide the following Comments:

“We applaud the collaborative efforts of Transform Cymru to highlight the need for a new direction in transport policy post Covid lockdown, but we want to add to the vision by directing attention to the ecological crisis which is often overlooked but no less important than the issues of climate change and clean air.

The lockdown has brought air quality to people’s attention. It has been widely noted and commented on that the air in cities has been much cleaner during the lockdown. In addition, wildlife has thrived in the absence of human beings.”

We would add another suggestion to the vision:

Build in ecological resilience

The lockdown has highlighted the importance of high quality, local green space for human well-being in addition to its importance for wildlife, and broader ecological resilience. We want local authorities to ensure that transport planning protects and extends these benefits, ensuring that any new developments contribute to nature recovery, reduce current inequalities in access to green space, and help more people connect with nature on their everyday journeys.

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