Innovation Shorts: Riversimple – The car that will transform personal transport

[:en]Riversimple have completely turned the conventional business model on its head, with a new business proposition to offer for their innovative technologies. They do not sell cars and never will.

The Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car uses a hydrogen fuel cell and passes the hydrogen through a Proton Exchange Membrane which combines with oxygen to form water and electricity.

Most importantly, Riversimple will not sell the car, but only provide them as a hire service. A monthly fee will cover all costs associated with owning a car. By retaining ownership of the car, Riversimple can align their interests with that of the customers – longevity and low running costs.


We are really excited to be showcasing this car at our summit where you will be able to find out more information from Hugo Spowers, Riversimple Chief Engineer and Founder.

In the lead up to the Sustain Wales Summit on Business Innovation for a Sustainable Economy on 21 April in Cardiff, we will be showcasing a series of innovation shorts, focusing on Wales.

The Sustain Wales Summit will bring together sector-leading experts who are translating the principles of sustainability into practice and will address cutting edge themes such as low-carbon technology, resource efficiency and new models of consumption. The summit will show local and national businesses that low carbon, resource efficient and innovative business is profitable and competitive.[:]

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