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Cenin Group – harnessing natural resources

Cenin Group was established to develop innovative technologies. Our technology developed at Cardiff University, uses advanced analytical techniques and chemical engineering to allow the production of ultra-low carbon cements.

A founding principal of Cenin Group came from a study tour in 2007. In other European countries there is much greater co-operation and integration of operations, allowing enterprises the ability to achieve much greater efficiency.  In Güssing in Austria, they have proven that by using the natural resources they have around them, they can create significant amounts of renewable energy and more importantly economic activity and employment.  The founder of Cenin Group saw the opportunity to create a hybrid of this model in Wales and from this Parc Stormy was born.

To achieve sustainable development you need to achieve significant job creation or at least add to job security. From this concept the founding principles of Cenin Group at Parc Stormy were cast: energy generation using natural resources, recycling of materials and wastes, and sustainable secure job creation.

It is fantastic to be able to say that we have implemented sustainable techniques and a circular economy. It seems like a major achievement to talk about carbon and waste reduction as key elements of sustainability, until you realise that food banks and fuel poverty are still all around us, which are everyday issues to people living even just a few miles away.

From the early concept in 2007, Cenin Group have developed a cluster of interdependent renewable energy projects including, wind, solar PV, anaerobic digestion, and there are plans to add battery storage and to produce hydrogen for a hydrogen refuelling station.

Sited in amongst this renewable energy cluster, that will soon produce enough surplus power to meet the energy needs of the local town of Porthcawl, is the specialist mineral research and ultra-low carbon cement manufacturing facility.

Over the past 7 years the cement side of the business has been able to find ways to reuse waste products from the steel, coal, biomass and oil refining industries in Wales. These waste and bi-products have been used as cements in the steel, insulation, concrete and ground stabilisation industries.

The IP, patents and ongoing European technical approvals for this new innovative cement production results in dramatically less waste going into landfill, therefore making major economic savings and significant job creation in much needed areas.  A snow ball effect is created by finding innovative new products. This allows for the better use of resources, reducing producers’ wastes and bi products costs, and for the use of new generation ultra-low carbon cement products.

Today hundreds of thousands of tons will not go to landfill, thousands of homes will be supplied with renewable energy and hundreds of jobs will be created or enhanced simply by finding some waste, making use of a very run down industrial site, and by fully utilising the available natural resources (wind and solar radiation).

Cenin Group is demonstrating that Wales has the opportunity to harness natural and waste resources to help improve economic activity, reduce carbon emissions and increase resource efficiency at the same time.  Vital economic development can be achieved using only waste and natural resources whilst also tackling man’s greatest challenge, Climate Change.

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