How do you measure the progress of a nation?

Major new plans which set out how to measure the progress of the nation have been revealed today by the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones.

The plan, now out for consultation, outlines how 40 national indicators will help the Welsh Government measure the nation in areas such as health, environment, education and the economy.

Indicators, which will help Wales as a whole achieve the ambitious goals set out in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, include:

  • Healthy life expectancy for all
  • School leavers with skills and qualifications
  • People in work
  • Quality of housing
  • People using Welsh Language in everyday life; and
  • Air quality

A report will be published every year showing what progress has been made across Wales in achieving the seven well-being goals in the Act, using the national indicators.

The First Minister said:

“People’s education, quality of life and the general environment in which they live are crucial for a nation’s prosperity – but how do you measure these things?

“Today we are launching a major consultation to get people’s views on what our national indicators should be. To put it simply, how do we, as a government measure a nation.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for public bodies, individuals and organisations to have their say on how we continue to develop and build the Wales we want.  The Well-being of Future Generations Act places a duty on us all to work together to ensure that decisions taken today are made with future generations at their heart.

“Under the Act, the National Indicators have to relate to the well-being of everyone in Wales, from the individual, to communities, across government to the wider public sector and business. They are not solely about government’s aims or achievements, but are aimed at giving a much more rounded picture of progress for the nation as a whole[:]

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