Have A Green Christmas – Size Of Wales’ Annual Tree Planting Drive

[:en]Trees for Christmas is helping people in Wales to have a green Christmas and plant thousands of trees at the same time. The campaign encourages people to celebrate their Christmas tree being brought into their home by donating fruit trees to family homes in Mbale, Uganda. Trees are for life, not just for Christmas after all, and whilst our trees in Wales become dormant for Winter, on the equator in Uganda they can keep absorbing CO₂ and mitigating climate change all year round.

The trees will provide families in Mbale with a source of nutrition, income and food security. In addition, Mbale is a highly populated, hilly region in eastern Uganda and each year, the heavy rains cause devastating landslides. Adding trees to the landscape helps secure the soil reducing the risk of landslides.

Get involved as a team

We’re looking for businesses and community groups to support the campaign by planting trees on behalf of employees and customers to celebrate their achievements this year. We’d love to help you in creating Christmas promotions to plant trees on behalf of customers, offer customers the option of donating to plant trees, or sending tree planting e-cards to clients. So please get in touch to see how you can design your own Christmas campaign for customers and employees. For example, last year SportPursuit, an online sports gear retailer, donated 10 trees for every order placed on Christmas Eve. As a result, 10,000 trees were planted in Mbale on behalf of their customers!

Come together with your colleagues, classmates, community group or family this Christmas to make a big difference. Maybe replace your secret Santa with tree planting donations or run a Christmas fundraiser to plant trees. Let us know what you are doing by tagging us into your social media so we can celebrate with you.


The simplest way to support is to print out and display the campaign posters in your work and other public spaces. For as little as £3 you can support Wales’ tree planting project, the Mbale Trees Programme and donate to plant 10 fruit trees in the gardens of families in and around Mbale. Text ‘Size £3’ to 70085.

Green Gifts

If you’re looking for sustainable Christmas gifts and cards this year, Size of Wales is offering people the chance to donate to plant fruit trees on behalf of friends, family and colleagues. You can either plant trees by sending e-cards or choose to plant trees as presents through a gift certificate.

Visit the campaign page for all the ways to support the campaign[:]

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