Happy 10th birthday Down to Earth!

[:en]Back in 2005, our members Down to Earth had a fairly ambitious idea to find a different way of doing education and personal development by supporting people who were struggling to “fit in” to mainstream education or mainstream life while embracing sustainability.

Ten years later Down to Earth has worked with thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged people and supported them to transform not only their own lives but also community centres, education centres and two amazing venues on the Gower peninsula.

To celebrate their 10th birthday, Down to Earth are hosting a series of events throughout September. Their first event on Friday 16th September is on their first sight in Murton at between 10.00am and 2:00pm whereyou will  be able to explore the site and see what’s changed over 10 years, have a go at our award winning activities and eat some great food.

Find out more about Down to Earth and their 10 year celebrations on their website.[:cy]Saesneg unig[:]

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