21 March gofod3 2019 – Must Attend Workshops for Businesses


gofod3 is an event organised by WCVA, in collaboration with the third sector in Wales. Unlike any other event in Wales, this is a space for organisations to learn from each other, to motivate and inspire one another. A rare opportunity for the third sector to come together and effect change in Wales. gofod3 has an exciting and busy schedule of speakers, masterclasses, panel debates and workshops, as well as an interactive exhibition space comprising the public, private and third sectors.

Cynnal Cymru will be at gofod3 for the volunteering and Friendly Funder sessions. Both of these sessions are taking place at 12:30 – 1:30pm.

To find out more or to book onto any of the sessions visit the gofod3 website.




How supporting social action like volunteering can boost your business

Cynnal Cymru and WCVA (#iwill campaign)

Join WCVA and Cynnal Cymru for an informative workshop and discussion that will help your organisation to:

– Understand what is social action and volunteering
– Hear about the real business benefits – from a volunteer and employer perspective
– Identify opportunities on how to embed social action like volunteering into your business
– Identify next steps for your business in creating an action plan

As part of the workshop you will also receive information and resources to help you in developing an action plan for your business.

The workshop is suitable for HR managers, Sustainable Development leads/ managers or anyone responsible for developing a CSR policy within their organisation.


How can funders and their grantees work together to tackle low pay in the charity sector

Cynnal Cymru/ The Living Wage Foundation

Many charities delivering vital services to the most vulnerable people in our society, have experienced a tough environment. In the charity sector, for example, more than a quarter of workers earn less than a real Living Wage. This event with the Living Wage Foundation, Cynnal Cymru and WCVA will be asking how funders and their grantees can work together to tackle low pay in the charity sector and ensure they operate in line with their values and objectives.

All welcome: to share experience, or simply find out more.



Here are out top picks for businesses attending gofod3:



Digital Trends, ProMo Cymru 

Join ProMo-Cymru’s lively session as they discuss trends in current and future digital engagement, helping the third sector stay relevant.

Most of us have some idea about engaging on Facebook and Twitter but what about Alexa and Google Home? Discord? Instagram Stories? Logic surveys? What about people who are deleting all social media? Not sure what we just said? Then you definitely need to come along!

ProMo will lead you through the minefield of emerging trends and give you an idea where you can best invest your time to create social impact.


People, Power, Parliament, UK Parliament 

Come along to a brief introduction to the UK Parliament. At an interactive workshop led by our participation team, find out more about the different ways that people and organisations in Wales can engage with the UK Parliament.


National Milestones for Wales – measuring a nation’s progress, Welsh Government

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on proposals to set National Milestones for Wales which will set out the expectation of progress, including the scale and pace of change required to achieve the Well-being Goals.  This session is an opportunity to share your views on the proposed criteria for selecting milestones, the subset of National Indicators against which milestones will be developed and whether any amendments are needed to the National Indicators.


Digital support for your organisation, Microsoft, Class Networks and Wales Cooperative Centre

Digital technology has the power to tackle social and economic challenges and can dramatically improve the impact, effectiveness and efficiency of organisations. But evidence shows that its potential is not being realised, particularly in the charity and social business sectors.

Facilitated by the Wales Co-operative Centre, which is itself on a journey of digital transformation, this session will highlight the ways in which Microsoft and Class Networks can help Third Sector organisations improve efficiency, work collaboratively, manage supporters, increase security, comply with legislation and save costs.


Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace, Leonard Cheshire

This session offers an introduction on how to make your organisation a more inclusive and diverse work place. It will break down the barriers associated with employing disabled people and how as an organisation you can be a pioneer in supporting disabled people to live, learn and work as independently as they choose.


Using Welsh on social media, Welsh Language Commissioner

Do you use social media in your organisation and want to know more about using the Welsh language? This session by the Welsh Language Commissioner’s ‘Hybu’ team will look at case studies and good practice, as well as practical advice on using Welsh on social media.


Successful Premises Management – What you need to know, Ethical Property Foundation

UK’s leading property advice charity the Ethical Property Foundation is delighted to offer a property workshop for non-profit organisations. You will work with real life case studies from community organisations and learn how to understand your asset, how to apply the principles of effective property maintenance, manage all risks involved in managing property and how to identify opportunities to save money and generate income.

Get a slot at the confidential 1:1 advice clinic following the workshop. First come, first served!



Know Your Cyber Fraud and Risks and Citizenship at Barclays, Barclays PLC

Fraud Awareness for you, your clients and service users. With the ever increasing number of fraudulent attempts this presentation will look to raise awareness and give advice and best methods of protection. Barclays citizenship agenda is committed to providing 10 million people with the skills they need to move forward and create a thriving economy, by 2022. This session will explain the programmes and initiatives that Barclays has to offer individuals to develop their employability, financial, enterprise and digital skills.[:]

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