Future Generations Commissioner: an important next step for a sustainable nation

[:en]The appointment of the new Future Generations Commissioner was announced today. Sophie Howe, currently Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, will begin her role as part of the new legislation, the Well-being of Future Generations Act, early next year.

The development of the Act has been supported by many organisations throughout Wales and has been informed by the ‘The Wales We Want’ National Conversation. It is pioneering legislation focussed on making Wales a more sustainable and responsible nation and commended by the United Nations as an example for other countries; “The Wales Future Generations Act captures the spirit and essence of two decades of United Nations work in the area of sustainable development and serves as a model for other regions and countries. We hope that what Wales is doing today the world will do tomorrow. Action, more than words, is the hope for our current and future generations.[:]

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