Free membership to The Something Club

Two exclusive offers to support you to take action on the climate crisis.

The Something Club is an exciting new climate action community launched by Becca Clark and Hannah Garcia from Green Squirrel.

Launched during CoP26, The Something Club online community aims to help everyone do something meaningful about the climate crisis through building relationships and empowering individuals with knowledge and confidence to act.

Throughout its history, Cynnal Cymru has always built connections between different stakeholders who want to learn and act in a more sustainable way. We are proud to be one of the first organisations to sign-up to The Something Club and offer Cynnal Cymru Members and training course attendees* the opportunity to join The Something Club for free.

Becca Clarke, project co-founder at The Something Club, said:

‘We are so pleased to see The Something Club growing since our launch in November, it’s becoming the welcoming, supportive and useful community that we always hoped for. Every member brings a new perspective, a different set of skills and experience and we are thrilled to see our members already supporting and learning from each other on their climate action journeys. We can’t wait to welcome new Cynnal Cymru members!’

Sarah Hopkins, Executive Director at Cynnal Cymru, said:

“We are delighted to be amongst the first organisations to join The Something Club. We believe that everyone should have the means and opportunities to participate in the journey to net zero and that communities, businesses and third sector organisations have an essential role to play. We immediately loved the idea of The Something Club as it provides a space for everyone interested in climate change and aligns with our values of constant improvement, collaboration and inclusivity.

Two Exclusive offers:

Three months free for Cynnal Cymru Members.

One month free for Carbon Literacy or Nature Wise course attendees*.

If you are interested in either of the two offers, please contact to check your eligibility.

*You must have successfully completed a Carbon Literacy or Nature Wise course delivered by Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales.

About The Something Club

One of the main aims of The Something Club, is to fight the burnout and eco-anxiety that is commonly experienced by people involved in the climate and nature movement; a study carried out by the University of Bath found that 45% of young people feel that their feelings about climate change affect their daily lives. “Taking action looks different for everyone”, said Hannah Garcia, project co-founder. “For some people it means protesting or lobbying, for others it could be growing food, fixing stuff, working with children, something creative – but whatever we do, everyone needs the right support to keep going.”

Monthly membership is open to anyone and costs from £8.00 per month or £80 per year with free membership available for those who cannot afford to pay:

“All memberships work on a buy one, give one basis – for every paid subscription we provide a free membership for someone on a limited income, no questions asked. Tackling the climate crisis needs everyone, so everyone who wants to join, can.”

Membership provides access to all events including workshops, weekly coffee clubs and practical lunchtime learning sessions. Member can also access to a private community space where you can learn, connect and collaborate.

Upcoming events cover a range of topics from how to create a community foraging map to lunchtime learning on setting up a food coop.

Find out more by visiting The Something Club website.

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