Enterprise City Car Club – Blog post by Mari Arthur

[:en]Mari Arthur, Director Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales

I joined City Car Club in the summer after hearing about the scheme from Enterprise. It offered me the perfect solution to my commuting problems.

I usually had to drive to work as I’d have meetings in different locations. If I could get public transport I always would, but my diary can get quite busy and having to go to awkward locations or having back-to-back meetings would often restrict bus and train options so I did drive to work more often than I wanted.

This also impacted on my work-life balance as I enjoy walking to work, often bumping into colleagues and neighbours, and making phone calls en route to catch up with family and friends. It is also the only exercise I get as recently I have been working long hours, I run Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, Tiger Health Spa and; until recently, a nursery in Roath. I found trying to fit any other form of exercise into my working week counter-productively stressful.

Walking to work also gives me a positive mind-set to start the day and I find walking home relaxing and allows me to leave work behind; whereas driving to work during rush hour across the city can be quite stressful.

So from every angle I benefit from having a reliable alternative that fits in with the way I want to live and work. Which is why joining the Car Club has been so important to me this year; I can walk to work and book the car in advance for meetings or even last minute if an unexpected appointment crops up.

For my own well-being I try not to drive anywhere if I can help it, but working for a sustainable development charity makes me even more aware of the negative impacts of unnecessary driving; environmentally, economically and socially. The Car Club gives me the freedom to go wherever I need to go to by car and gives me my daily walk to work too.

Having personally benefitted from joining the Car Club I have mentioned it to friends and colleagues and a fellow convert Claire Raisin, Director of the climate change charity Size of Wales, has had a similar experience:

“I usually cycle to work and all my meetings, but if I have to take a lot of equipment or resources Enterprise Car Club is perfect.  I don’t have to balance everything on my bike and I can still leave my car at home!”


Claire Raisin – Size of Wales[:]

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