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[:en]Cynnal Cymru have recently joined Enterprise Car Club, a sustainable city transport scheme. Enterprise Car Club provides hourly self-service car rental available 24/7/365 throughout the city, they are working with their members to deliver sustainable transport and resource efficient solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and costs associated with employee travel.

Enterprise Car Club encourages employees to travel to work using more sustainable transport methods (bus, cycling or walking), which not only help keep the city car free, but can also improve staff health and well-being. When there is a need to use a car, Enterprise has a nearby pool of club cars available to transport employees to their destination. These cars have the latest hybrid engine technology which keep carbon emissions to a minimum. The Car Club is a solution to the two largest enemies of the city: traffic and pollution.

This is car pooling running at its most efficient level – not just a pool car serving one company but several pool cars serving an entire city. For SMEs the Car Club has potential to hail a number of benefits. The sharing economy offers lower running cost – for just £4.95 per hour of hire, you have access to one of the cars around Cardiff. This price also includes the cost of petrol, road tax and servicing. The sharing economy is already booming with businesses like Uber and AirBnB recently taking off in Cardiff. It is now time for business travel to follow.

For Cynnal Cymru, joining as a corporate member now means our staff no longer need to worry about driving personal cars to meetings. Mari Arthur, Cynnal Cymru Director, said:
“I enjoy walking to Queen Street station then jumping on the Bay train to get to and from work. Not only is it my only exercise at the moment but I love bumping into friends on the way. Our recent membership to the Car Club has made my work commute easier, I no longer drive to work as I can use the Enterprise car for meetings all over Cardiff and beyond (where public transport isn’t suitable of course).”

The Cynnal Cymru team now regularly use the Enterprise Car Club pool car located close to the Cynnal Cymru office in Cardiff bay and we have also spotted pool cars throughout the city. Reserving the car couldn’t be easier, it really is as simple as following these four steps:

Enterprise car Club

You can find more information about how the service works by following this link to the Enterprise Car Club website.

As this has worked out so well for us we have also paired up with Enterprise to offer discounted Car Club membership to Cynnal Cymru members. We believe that this is the future business travel. For more information on how to sign up with 75% off, email us on connect@cynnalcymru.com[:]

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