Innovation Shorts: How Enterprise Car Club is Contributing to a Low Carbon Wales

[:en]Enterprise takes sustainability seriously and is on a mission to provide the best transport system in the world by fostering innovation, new vehicle technologies and sustainable solutions.

Enterprise Car Clubs are encouraging and facilitating a shift in traditional travel culture and car ownership model of transport. Their car club model enables a pay-as-you-go approach using a shared resource which provides sustainable mobility solutions. The reduction of individual car ownership in favour of short term hire of a vehicle is ultimately assisting in reducing the number of cars on our roads and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Enterprise car Club

Enterprise Car Club is working closely with local authorities and transport providers to integrate car club services alongside public transport as part of a total mobility solution. For example in Leeds, Enterprise Car Club have partnered with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to promote the Enterprise Car Club service to existing Annual MCARD holders, who are able to use the same smart card that they use for train, tram, bus and park & ride services in West Yorkshire to access Enterprise Car Club vehicles. As well as this, they have been working with Virgin Trains East Coast to place vehicles at train station locations such as Peterborough, Doncaster and Wakefield, allowing members to complete the final leg of their journey.

Enterprise is continuing to invest in technology to increase choice and improve access to community transport.

While the number of cars on UK roads is up by almost 20% since the turn of the millennium, there is also an increasing appetite for more flexible car use. Nearly 250,000 people are members of car clubs using some 4,000 vehicles, according to Carplus, a group which promotes the use of shared transport. Reducing car ownership is central to the Enterprise Car Club model and ensuring greater sustainable travel options such as car rental of fuel-efficient cars is part of the solution to creating a low carbon Wales.

Sustainability is an important part of Enterprise who have been recognised for their fuel-efficient fleet and efforts to promote emerging automotive technologies, such as hybrids and electric vehicles. Enterprise is also dedicated to supporting the communities in which it operates. Through the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, Enterprise has pledged to plant 50 million trees in 50 years and has recently completed its 10 millionth tree planting in the UK.



Enterprise have been a long term advocate for sustainable development in Wales, having signed the Sustainable Development Charter in 2014 and becoming members of Cynnal Cymru in 2016. Working together and in collaboration with other Cynnal Cymru members we have coordinated a range of events and activities with the Enterprise team in Wales including a shared learning event exploring the Future of the Car

To learn more about Enterprise’s sustainability solutions, visit their website[:]

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