Cynnal Cymru’s ActionCOACH Session

[:en]Back in September, the Cynnal Cymru team enjoyed spending a morning with Robert Firth, a Business Coach and Mentor, running Action COACH in Cardiff. We are delighted to have Robert Firth as a trustee of Cynnal Cymru to be able to provide us with the support and guidance we need. Previous to Action COACH, Robert was Head of Architecture at Capita Architect and Director of HOK, one of the biggest architecture firms in the world. Most importantly Robert is passionate about sustainability and shares our vision, to build a sustainable Wales.

In April 2016, Cynnal Cymru embarked on a new challenge, no longer supporting Welsh Government initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Charter, the Climate Change Commission for Wales and delivering the Wales We Want National Conversation. This gave us a great opportunity to engage with new audiences and deliver new projects to create a sustainable Wales.

Meeting with Robert after 6 months was a good time to reflect on where we are going and what we plan to achieve. The process provided us with the chance to learn more about each other’s skills so we can utilise all our strengths to help Cynnal Cymru grow.

Cynnal Cymru is now a small team of 6 all working part time, supported by our board of trustees. Having a small team means it is important to make the most of each of our strengths and support each other in areas we are less confident.

The session was insightful and began a few days earlier when each of us took part in the DiSC personal assessment tool which analysed our behavioural differences. The aim was to use the tool to improve our work productivity, team work and communication. It was great to see that our team encompassed all aspects of the DiSC profile, with our Director showing the leadership qualities and the rest of the team encompassing the persuasive, steady and conscientious attributes needed to ensure success in a team.

We all enjoyed the morning getting to understand how better we can all work together and are all looking forward to our one to one coaching to improve our performance individually for Cynnal Cymru.[:]

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