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Nature Wise

Eco Literacy

Learn about the links between human activity and ecosystem disruption and develop the knowledge to enable you and your organisation to take action for nature recovery.

Nature Wise is a science-based, action-focused course to help participants understand the relationships between people and natural systems. It shares knowledge, builds understanding and provide the tools to motivate and catalyse action. 

The course


Two sessions in one week
4.5 hours total

Facilitated Sessions


Self Directed Learning

further learning


Subject to completion
of the course

Learning Outcomes

During the course you will learn about:

Who is this Course for?

Individuals will learn about the links between human activity and ecosystem disruption and develop the knowledge to enable action for nature recovery.

This course is available to any member of a voluntary organisation or community group in Wales (staff and volunteers). We are particularly keen to hear from non-environmental organisations.

Planning for a Successful Learning Experience

You will need access to computer with the internet to attend and participate in the online facilitated sessions.

This is an interactive course where you will be encouraged to participate verbally or in the chat messaging box.

The course includes two virtual sessions with your course-tutor(s) and fellow students. These sessions are essential to achieving your certification as well as providing a valuable opportunity to reflect on your learning and explore each topic in more depth.

To participate in the online facilitated sessions you will need access to a computer or tablet with a mic and camera as well as access to Zoom video conferencing or Microsoft Teams.


Course Tutors

Clare Sain-Ley-Berry

Policy and Development Manager

Clare is an experienced trainer and facilitator and has been delivering Nature Wise since its inception. She has a background in delivering partnership projects for the natural environment and sustainable resource use and enjoys facilitating collaboration.

Rhodri Thomas

Principal Consultant

Rhodri co-ordinates and develops advice and training with a focus on integrated management and reporting, Environmental Management Systems and ‘Carbon Literacy’.

You can explore the course below, and see what content is featured.

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