Coming soon – 2018 Sustain Wales Summit

[:en]This year’s Sustain Wales Summit is focused on Sustainable Procurement.

The decisions that organisations make when buying goods and services have wide-ranging environmental, social and economic impacts. Procurement decisions can have a significant impact on progress towards a sustainable Wales.

The Environment and Well-being of Future Generations Acts provides legislative foundations on which to build an economy in Wales that is distinctive, competitive and provides assurance to investors, customers and collaborators that Wales is a country where business activity supports the social and environmental systems that make any economy possible. Our goal should be that all business procurement considers the long-term impacts, and realises the full value of a contract, service or product, and not just the ‘price’. Better procurement is a key platform to support sustainable economic growth in Wales and we all need to be better at procurement, both those bidding for work and those issuing the bids.

The Summit will look at different aspects of procurement in the context of a variety of economic sectors. We will share good practice and ideas from local, national and international organisations.

As well as the elimination of waste and the creation of a circular economy, procurement has a key role to play in bolstering our communities and retaining wealth in Wales. Community benefits are at the heart of the Wales Procurement Policy Statement. The Summit will therefore highlight the social dividends that procurement can deliver as well as the environmental harm that it can avoid. The Summit will acknowledge the role and duty of the public sector but it will be focused on the added value that business can bring when it aligns itself with the policies and practices of local and national government.

We all need to ensure these principles are developed and implemented so that together we can co-develop a unique Welsh Way of doing business.

The summit will focus on three key areas:

·         Procurement to reduce/reuse/recycle plastics from products and packaging

·         Procurement in the construction and infrastructure sector

·         Procuring people and services ethically (including the Living wage)

If you are interested in speaking / sponsoring this event please get in contact with[:]

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