Climate Literacy Project Reaches 11,000 Certified Learners!

[:en]Recently, the Climate Literacy Project reached another milestone with 11,000 certified learners. This means that 11,000 citizens are more informed about the impact of our activities on climate change, and have taken 22,000 actions designed to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprint. So far.

More than 800 organisations are now involved, engaging citizens from 10 different nations, and 31 organisations have achieved Carbon Literate Organisation status.

Cynnal Cymru is the official partner of the Carbon Literacy Project in Wales, offering certified Carbon Literacy training for individuals from any organisation (public sector, businesses, charities, voluntary groups) – that has aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, is thinking of doing so, or wants to influence others to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt low carbon lifestyles.

Organisations that have benefited from our course include United Welsh, Cardiff Council, The National Museum of Wales, Public Health Wales, Community Housing Cymru, WCVA and many SMEs, charities and voluntary organisations.

Carbon Literacy is the ideal approach to educate the whole workforce and empower them to respond to the very real challenges of Climate Change.

It is now your chance to join a growing movement! [:]

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