Championing the Living Wage – 2019 Winners Announced!


In an evening ceremony at the Guildhall in London- those shortlisted as this year’s champions of the Living Wage movement were thanked by the Foundation’s Director Katherine Chapman for their hard work that had contributed to a sum of £950 million being put back into worker’s pockets by the UK’s over 5000 accredited employers over the course of the last year.

The Winners:

Congratulations to all the Champions of the Living Wage – doing their part in combating in-work poverty and placing importance on the well-being of their employees, which in turn, reaps the benefits of a healthy and motivated workforce with reduced absenteeism and improved retention rates.

We must award a special congratulations to our Welsh winners – Cardiff Council. They are proactive champions of the real Living Wage in Wales and do more than their fair share as a local authority to boost numbers of accredited employers – including 86 in the Cardiff region. It is for this reason and others that they are bringing a Places Champion Award back to Wales. Llongyfarchiadau! 



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