Last Chance To Join The ‘One Planet’ Consultation

[:en]Cardiff Council recently launched the draft One Planet Cardiff strategy; an ambitious new plan designed to drive Cardiff towards becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030. Alongside the strategy is a consultation open until 11 December for the public and business or organisations to have their say.

The strategy proposes a wide range of actions that will begin to form the basis of a delivery plan to achieve Carbon Neutrality which includes:

– Changes to prioritise cycling and walking around the city that have the potential to reduce traffic emissions and improve local air quality.

– A 9-megawatt solar farm which is now installed at the former Lamby Way landfill site that will supply renewable electricity to the city sewage treatment work to help decarbonise both this facility and the local energy grid.

– Establishing a Climate Emergency Partnership Board made up of large public sector organisations in the city to share best practise and agree and drive forward a city-wide carbon-neutral target.

Alongside this are multiple proposed co-benefits of actions to alleviate the impacts of climate change that aim to bring together aspects of transport, social equity, waste management and a green economic recovery. It aims to do this in a way that supports new green economies and greater social wellbeing in the city.

The Council wants to ensure that as many stakeholders as possible are aware of the One Planet Cardiff strategy and have the opportunity to participate in the consultation.

We encourage you to access the consultation via this link and complete the relevant survey that can be found under the “Have your say” section.

Cardiff Council hopes to receive a wide range of responses to help inform a robust final version of the One Planet Cardiff strategy.[:]

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