Carbon Literacy Showcase at the National Museum Wales


On the 14 March, Cynnal Cymru held a Carbon Literacy networking breakfast event in partnership with The Carbon Literacy Project at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff. It was an opportunity to highlight the work that The Carbon Literacy Project has already been doing with some notable Welsh organisations, such as the National Museum of Wales, BBC Wales and Public Health Wales, as well as an opportunity to share our current training and plans to develop new courses.

Carbon Literacy is an idea created in Manchester by Cooler Projects Ltd. and its partners. It evolved out of the Greater Manchester decarbonisation strategy that has set a target of a zero carbon city by 2038. Dave Coleman, co-founder of Carbon Literacy and Managing Director of Cooler Projects, joined us to explain the origins of the idea and how it has subsequently developed to become an international movement.

Museum Wales, Public Health Wales, Dwr Cymru and BBC Cymru/Wales all took part in a panel discussion with Dave Coleman to explain how they have used Carbon Literacy and to talk about their decarbonisation plans. This was followed by a conversation between Dave and our own Rhodri Thomas – who is the only certified Carbon Literacy trainer in Wales.

Cynnal Cymru explained how they support organisations across Wales in the implementation and roll out of Carbon Literacy, which underpins their work under the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and their wider objectives to reduce carbon and build a low carbon economy. Cynnal Cymru also announced plans to develop a new programme of open training courses, reaching out to young people through the Volunteering Wales Grant scheme.

The informative morning culminated with the organisations in the room making pledges to help progress the agenda, and we look forward to seeing these come to fruition in the coming months.

Cynnal Cymru is the official partner of the Carbon Literacy Project in Wales and we are collaborating with a variety of organisations to develop new courses to the carbon Literacy standard.


About Carbon Literacy

Carbon Literacy is an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis. It is essentially a means by which people and organisations can come face to face with the realities of climate change and devise responses appropriate to their situation. People who do a certified Carbon Literacy training session receive a certificate confirming that they have achieved a level of awareness and understanding and identified practical responses within their power to implement.

Cynnal Cymru began work with the National Museum on Carbon Literacy training in April 2018. Most members of their Sustainability Forum participated in two sessions and earned their individual certificates. We held a further session with them to prepare for the development of an internal engagement process for staff at all levels. Museum Wales is now preparing to follow the example of the Manchester Museum network and extend Carbon Literacy training to its workforce.


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