Carbon Literacy Following IPCC Report Publication

[:en]In the week following the publication of the latest IPCC report on climate change, we are very pleased to be delivering more Carbon Literacy sessions courtesy of Social Farms and Gardens, in Cardiff and Bangor.

As this BBC report explains the IPCC has made it clear that citizens have just as much of a role to play in the transition to a low carbon economy as do governments and corporations. In the face of such an enormous global challenge, it is easy to feel a sense of despair or hopelessness and to question the value of individual actions. We create the market however. Our power is in what we buy or more pointedly NOT buy and in what policies we vote for.

The IPCC report makes it clear that climate change is relevant to all nations and all people. In the recent past, it was easy for some people to characterise the issue as something that only the centre left were concerned with but as George Marshall explains in this video from 2015 there is every reason for people with a centre right outlook to see climate change as their issue and as an opportunity to promote their values.

One of the greatest impacts of the Carbon Literacy project is the way that the television industry has responded. Originating in Manchester, it is not surprising that Carbon Literacy has had an impact on Coronation Street! A number of artistic and technical staff on the programme have completed the training and in one broadcast episode, Sally and Tim discussed climate change!

Over 1000 television professionals have done Carbon Literacy training with BAFTA and the project is integrated into BBC productions at the Salford Quays centre. Last month, Carbon Brief revealed that the BBC had issued guidance to journalists that a climate change denier was no longer required when covering the topic in news items. No need for a Nigel Lawson or a hysterical conspiracy theorist to wheel out the same old tired scientific illiteracies. In effect, BBC management is saying “human activity is changing the climate – no argument.”

The Carbon Literacy project aims to give people from all walks of life, the opportunity to take ownership of global warming both in terms of personal knowledge and in the sense that they have options to respond. It aims to move people from being passive recipients of other people’s opinions and victims of huge forces beyond their control, to being knowledgeable, active participants in a global transition to a low carbon future.

Cynnal Cymru is proud to be the official partner of the Carbon Literacy Trust in Wales and we are enabling others to design and deliver their own certified Carbon Literacy sessions. before Christmas we will be doing sessions for Tai Ceredigion, Community Housing Cymru and returning to the National Museums of Wales. Get in touch if you would like to become “Carbon Literate” yourselves or would like us to run a train the trainer event for your staff.


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