01 November | Carbon Literacy Action Day

Be a part of the biggest ever climate action training event!

To coincide with Day 1 of the UN COP26 negotiations in Glasgow this November, The Climate Literacy Project are staging the first-ever Carbon Literacy Action Day. The Action Day will catalyse action on climate change through Carbon Literacy training, getting everyone involved in delivering positive action to address climate change wherever they are.

The Action Day is fully inclusive and open to all, and on November 1st we will witness thousands of people from all walks of life, sectors, genders, ages and nations all around the world, participate and complete their days’ worth of Carbon Literacy training.

The Carbon Literacy Project will be making and sharing virtual visits to courses and initiatives throughout the day, but at 17:00 GMT they will commence a virtual tour by Zoom, giving participants and their groups the opportunity to share some of the best actions coming from their learners. At the same time we will tabulate the total number of learners that have participated in the Action Day, count their actions and estimate the predicted amount of CO2e saved as a consequence.

Why get involved?

  • Be a part of the first-ever Carbon Literacy Action Day
  • Participate in the largest ever low-carbon climate education day
  • Develop a greater understanding of climate change and take immediate and effective action to tackle the climate crisis
  • Use the Action Day as a catalyst to generate increased levels of involvement, activity and Carbon Literacy within your organisation
  • Expand the audience for your Carbon Literacy training
  • and Last but certainly not least, if you aren’t already; become certified as Carbon Literate!
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