Car Futures Wales – The Road Ahead

[:en]This week the UK Government has launched its Road To Zero Strategy  which gives a clear indicator that ultra low emission and electric vehicles are the future for the UK.

The Welsh Government has also launched consultation on Achieving Our Low Carbon Pathway to 2030

In February 2018, we held the Car Futures Wales conference with the Welsh Government, Arup, the IWA and others.

Here’s what our delegates recommended back then:

  • – Align Electric Vehicle actions to other transport priorities and general policy. In other words, integrate EVs as part of an overall sustainable development strategy for Wales seeing them not as an end in themselves but a contributor to a low carbon and more equitable economy.
  • – Spread the word amongst fleet manager peer groups and enable fleet management professionals to understand the full, whole-life cost benefits of switching to electric.
  • – Public sector procurement needs to align to a low carbon transport vision and drive the decarbonisation of transport. Use procurement to encourage car sharing, EVs and hydrogen for heavier vehicles. Be aware that rural challenges are different to urban.
  • – The shift to EVs brings new challenges for fuel poverty. Being a car-free household should be an aspiration not an impediment. Therefore low carbon public transport and mobility as a service needs to rapidly evolve. New charging points should be co-located with community-owned renewable generation so that car charging becomes an additional revenue for rural communities or those located near tourist destinations.
  • – Achieve a “critical consistency” in which power supply, connections, and physical infrastructure grow in parallel and co-evolve in order to avoid future disruptions and allow for upgrades.

Read the full report

Car Futures Wales Report 2018



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