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[:en]Brecon Carreg is natural Welsh mineral water from the Brecon Beacons National Park. The company understands that to secure their position as a leader, that sustainability credentials are important and therefore have developed ambitious sustainability targets for 2020. Their focus on sustainability has meant that Brecon Carreg has received accreditation by the Ethical Company Organisation for the second year running, placing them in the top five UK ethical bottles water brands.

Brecon Carreg are focused on three areas – protecting nature, minimising their carbon footprint and supporting people and society which are connected to the three pillars of sustainability, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.



Brecon Carreg water is sourced from two sources and two springs in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Allowing wildlife to flourish, Brecon Carreg safeguards the natural resources to guarantee pure mineral water today and for future generations. In co-operation with the local authorities and national park administration, Brecon Carreg are putting in place protection and prevention action to sustainable protect the sources and the catchment are to prevent any risk of pollution.  Their most recent environmental project is a first in UK. Working with BeeOdiversity they will use the ecosystem of the bees to measure the quality of the environment and biodiversity making recommendations for the future. Two bee hives (around 50,000 bees) have been installed and resident Brecon Carreg beekeeper, Bill will ensure that they are disease free so they can lead a happy life and continue pollinating. Samples across an area of approximately 700 hectares will be collected via the bees and the goal is to assess and improve the biodiversity within the area.



Reducing their Carbon Footprint

Brecon Carreg aim to be carbon neutral by 2020. Through the comprehensive analysis of the life cycle, they have identified the aspects that contribute significantly to their carbon footprint and are working to reduce those areas. Green energy is used to power their sites and over the last ten years, Brecon Carreg have reduced the amount of energy used to produce one litre of bottled water by 34%. All of the plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and they continue to light weight their packaging. Initiatives such as palletising their bottles more effectively and a new IT system means they have been able to reduce the number of delivery vehicle journeys made every year. Measures are also being taken to reduce their carbon footprint through new drainage and purification system being installed to process the water. Spadel achieved their target to reduce the carbon footprint by 20% between 2010 and 2015 (15% measures internally and 5% carbon offsetting). Brecon Carreg has received the “CO2 Neutral” label for its neutrality on scope 1 and 2 (electricity, gas and fleet). The target for 2020 aims to achieve the full carbon emissions neutrality for scope 1, 2 and 3 (which includes water and all travel).



People and Society

As a socially responsible company, Brecon Carreg take into account the social dimension of their activities.  Brecon Carreg is an accredited Living Wage employer and aim to build an organisation where employees enjoy work and are constantly encouraged and stimulated to improve their performance. Brecon Carreg gained 87% in the last People Performance survey Index and supports employees journey towards a healthier lifestyle through subsidised gym membership, a Bike2Work scheme and complimentary entry to running events.

Living Wage

Based in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Brecon Carreg are proud of their Welsh heritage. Throughout the year they hosted open days to build relationships with local authorities and communities. The organisation supports key campaigns such as #RunRecyle with Recycle for Wales and work with Public Health Wales on the #QuenchYourThirst campaign.[:]


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