Enabling action towards a fair and just society, a low carbon economy and a thriving natural environment.

With our charitable aims at our core, we deliver membership, training and consultancy services to the public, private and voluntary sector.

Our small team delivers wide-reaching work touching on many agendas including climate change and decarbonisation, sustainable travel, renewable energy, affordable housing, the Foundational Economy, in-work poverty, management of natural resources and much more.

We have worked with some amazing people and organisations over the years and our current roles and areas of expertise include:

  • Real Living Wage accreditation and support
  • A Carbon Literacy Training Organisation delivering Carbon Literacy training for organisations
  • Eco-literacy training
  • Environmental Management and Decarbonisation strategies and support
  • Creating and facilitation communities of practice – including for social Housing Decarbonisation and the Foundational Economy in Wales

Every project we work on helps us grow and understand even more about sustainability—and about people. We love what we do.

We are a catalyst for change

We are nimble and energetic

We are a small team that loves what we do; we’re always interested in new areas of work relating to our purpose.

We are optimistic

Despite the serious challenges we help to address, we work with inspiring people every day and we see positive changes happening.

We strive for constant improvement

Our clients, members and partners hold us to a high standard and we are always learning and reflecting on what we can do better.

We are collaborators and doers

From large corporations to community groups, from local authorities to charitable organisations, sustainable development has space for everyone and the impact will be greater if we work together.

We are ambitious for Wales

We are proud to be based in Wales and want it to be a leader in securing a sustainable future.

We promote equality and diversity within sustainable development

We’re working to ensure our organisation is diverse and to promote the inclusion of communities and previously marginalised groups in discussions on climate change, the environment and fair work. 

Our story

Cynnal Cymru was originally set up to be a catalyst for positive change.  And that’s exactly what we do. 

We’ve grown from an idea into a flourishing organisation, shaped by many fantastic people along the way.

Get in touch

Email: shwmae@cynnalcymru.com

Phone: 029 2043 1746

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