We are the leading sustainable development organisation in Wales –


Enabling action towards a fair and just society, a low carbon economy and a thriving natural environment.

With our charitable aims at our core, we provide advice, training and connections to help organisation take bold decisions for a fairer and more secure future.

Our mission

We believe that every organisation can take steps to respond to global challenges in ways that benefit them, and the people around them.

Whether it’s paying the real Living Wage so that workers can live and not just exist, reshaping business practices to minimise environmental harm, or engaging with employees, supply chains and customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – we believe that raising ambition benefits organisations in Wales and beyond now and for the future.

Our vision

Our vision is a society where we have stabilised the climate, we respect and enrich the planet’s finite resources, and every person is respected, valued and able to meet their needs.

If you share these aims, you’ll know that making the necessary changes can be hard. There needs to be bold decision-making and urgent action. That’s where we can help.

Who we are

We’re sustainability experts who help organisations create a fairer and more secure future. Since 2002 we’ve been part of Wales’ journey to end short-term thinking and become a leader in sustainable development.

From our beginnings as a membership network, our role has evolved. Having played a key part in developing the ground-breaking Well-being of Future Generations Act, our focus has shifted to enabling practical action towards realising the Well-being goals and the sustainable Development goals.

Today, we’re a non-profit enterprise and registered charity, providing advice, training and networking opportunities.

Our team delivers wide-reaching work touching on many agendas and policy areas including climate change and decarbonisation, sustainable travel, renewable energy, utilities, affordable housing, the Foundational Economy, in-work poverty, management of natural resources and much more.

We have worked with some amazing people and organisations over the years and our current roles and areas of expertise include:

  • Real Living Wage accreditation and support
  • A Carbon Literacy Training Organisation delivering Carbon Literacy training for organisations
  • Nature Wise – Eco literacy training
  • Climate change, environmental and decarbonisation strategies and support
  • Creating and facilitation communities of practice – including for social Housing Decarbonisation and the Foundational Economy in Wales
  • Secretariat for the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Customer Challenge Group

Every project we work on helps us grow and understand even more about sustainability—and about people. We love what we do.

Our values

We are nimble and energetic

We are a small team that loves what we do; we’re always interested in new areas of work relating to our purpose.

We are optimistic

Despite the serious challenges we help to address, we work with inspiring people every day and we see positive changes happening.

We strive for constant improvement

Our clients, members and partners hold us to a high standard and we are always learning and reflecting on what we can do better.

We are collaborators and doers

From large corporations to community groups, from local authorities to charitable organisations, sustainable development has space for everyone and the impact will be greater if we work together.

We are ambitious for Wales

We are proud to be based in Wales and want it to be a leader in securing a sustainable future.

We promote equality and diversity within sustainable development

We’re working to ensure our organisation is diverse and to promote the inclusion of communities and previously marginalised groups in discussions on climate change, the environment and fair work. 

Our story

In 2002 we began as the ‘Sustainable Development Forum for Wales’, set up by the then Welsh Environment Minister, Sue Essex.

We started as a membership-focused network, but from 2012 we provided more support for Welsh Government, including running The Wales We Want – a ‘National Conversation’ involving over 6000 people. This project shaped the development of the Well-being of Future Generations Act. It was the first law of its kind in the world, placing a duty on public bodies to act in the interests of our children and grandchildren.

With the Act passed and a Future Generations Commissioner appointed, our Welsh Government contract ended. Our focus changed and we became the Cynnal Cymru we are today – sustainable development experts, helping organisations take practical action for a fairer and more secure future.

Get in touch

Email: shwmae@cynnalcymru.com

Phone: 029 2043 1746

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