A story of networking, cars and sustainability

[:en]Cynnal Cymru joined Introbiz several years ago as part of our strategy to develop better relationships with private sector organisations, to support their understanding and implementing of sustainability.

As Wales’ leading independent business network, Introbiz introduced us to many new organisations which has helped us build our membership and develop excellent working relationships with several large and small business.

An Introbiz introduction with Lexus in Cardiff has developed into a partnership over the last two years and is a good example of how each introduction is an opportunity waiting to be realised. After following up with Dominic in Lexus we decided to hold our event; ‘Does the Car have a Sustainable Future?’, at the Lexus and Toyota showroom.

The event had three speakers on the theme and explored options including Hybrid, Electric, Hydrogen and Enterprise’s City Car Club models. Getting a more in depth understanding of the electric and hybrid technology, I decided to upgrade my very old car for a much more efficient and sustainable Hybrid model; living on a terraced street in Cardiff with no drive or private parking currently makes an electric car an unviable option.

In a recent meeting with Bev Garside, Director of Empower – Support for the Voluntary Sector, one of our support partners, I was updating her on our recent events and spoke of the car event and my decision to lease a Lexus hybrid. Bev’s interest encouraged me to introduce her to Dominic in Lexus and within a month Bev was also driving in eco and electric mode in her new Lexus hybrid.

Empower provides a range of support services to charities across England and Wales; anything from marketing support to recruitment to strategic development.  Commenting on the upgrade, Bev said:

“The nature of a busy consultancy means I am always on the road; I regularly drive the breadth of England and Wales and accumulate tens of thousands per miles per year.  Whilst I use trains wherever I can, our work often takes us to places that cannot be easily or efficiently reached by public transport.  My new Lexus Hybrid is not only more fuel efficient, which is great for my business, it also produces a third less emissions than my old car.  Empower have had a long and fruitful working relationship with Cynnal Cymru and I am glad that the organisation has helped Empower be more sustainable.”


Last year Lexus Motorline Cardiff and Introbiz joined Cynnal Cymru and are working with us on understanding how they can introduce more sustainable practices within their organisations and to their wider communities.

Hopefully, we can help them with their needs as they have helped us. We all benefit from working in partnership with each other and as small organisations relationships and partnerships enable us to be greater than the sum of our parts.

Mari Arthur, Director, Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales


Introbiz is widely considered as being Wales’ leading independent business network, hosting weekly networking events in South Wales within many different fabulous locations around Cardiff, South Wales and the UK. As well as our weekly networking events, we also host Wales’ biggest business Expo annually in the centre of Cardiff where hundreds of businesses to connect under one roof.
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Combining a petrol engine with an electric motor, Lexus full hybrid cars provide exhilarating performance as well as reduced emissions and superior fuel economy. Lexus launched the world’s first full hybrid luxury car back in 2004 and have been leading the way ever since.
Email: dominic.attard@motorline.co.uk


Empower SVS

We are proud to be a UK wide organisation aiming to meet the needs of the not for profit sector across Britain so get in touch. Our clients are our friends and we aim to develop a relationship of honesty and trust with you which will stand the test of time. Our company will develop based on what YOU need, when YOU need it.

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