A new Era for Business

[:en]We are in a new era. The companies with the leading edge are those who have adopted the Sustainable Development concept as a founding principle and a philosophy of management.

Leading brands and corporations such as Marks and Spencer, Unilever, B&Q, Puma, Arup and BT as well as nearly 400 signatories of the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Charter now fully accept that Sustainable Development is a concept that has to be part of everyday business in order for that business to compete and survive.

Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales has been championing this new approach since 2002. We have drawn together the brightest and the best in Wales for over ten years to debate and identify the best practical way to turn principles into practice. In doing this we have worked shoulder to shoulder with the Welsh Government and the fruition of this decade of striving is the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act which becomes active in 2016.

This ground breaking legislation has been recognised by the United Nations as being of global significance. It will fundamentally change the way public services are delivered in Wales and by extension change what it means to do business in Wales and with Wales.

Cynnal Cymru are preparing to support private, public and third sectors through these changes and opportunities. We are already offering professional development training through accredited courses, seminars and workshops. We also have our Relevant, Resilient, Responsible consultancy offer to help organisations develop their strategic and evidence approach. We have a growing membership of experts, innovators and enthusiasts and are building partnerships with organisations such as Business in the Community, The South Wales Chamber of Commerce and Introbiz who already offer excellent advice, services and opportunities to support forward-thinking enterprises.

Our Sustain Wales Awards aim to celebrate good practice and illustrate to a wider audience what we mean by Sustainable Development. Any surplus we make will be added to the Cynnal Cymru fund which in time will support innovation in technology, service delivery and business approach.

We look at the Well-being Goals for Wales as a description of the vision we aim to achieve. We know that others in the private and charitable sectors have also adopted these goals and are attempting to align their business plan accordingly. Wales has a chance to secure security and prosperity for itself within the devolution settlement by adopting these goals. Whatever else happens in the world or the rest of the UK, we have an opportunity to insure ourselves against risk, and invest in innovation that on the one hand supports and on the other opens up new opportunities. This is what Cynnal Cymru specialises in. We exist to help others make the change that needs to happen.

We run a course for professional people to give them the skills to lead the change in their organisation. This course is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University via their Work-based Learning unit. James Harper, Local Marketing Support Manager for Principality Building Society graduated in September and said, “… the strong application to business was so beneficial personally and to Principality – it will add value to our work for years to come.[:]

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