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A low carbon economy 

The role of foundational sectors in decarbonisation.

A stable climate cannot be achieved unless all parts of the economy decarbonise and operate within environmental limits. These reports consider the role that foundational sectors could play in reshaping a more climate-positive future.

Turning rhetoric into reality: decarbonising the foundational economy (2022).

Jack Watkins. The Institute of Welsh Affairs and Centre for Regeneration Excellence Wales.  

A look at the effect of decarbonisation on the Welsh economy (including parts of the foundational economy) and the potential for disruption and unemployment. The authors highlight the lack of understanding within certain industries of their future within a net zero world and consider different approaches to support them, including increasing vocational education and for more powers to be transferred to local authorities to help them respond to their local opportunities and encourage stronger relationships with local business. The report also considers if Wales’s performance in research and innovation may limit the ability of new Welsh firms to benefit from the opportunities stemming from net zero commitments.  

Download the paper from IWA on Turning Rhetoric into Reality: Decarbonising the Foundational Economy

Serious about green? Building a Welsh wood economy through co-ordination (2020)

Luca Calafati, Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams. Foundational Economy Research Limited for Woodknowledge Wales.  

Work arguing for the need to develop the ‘foundational economy 2.0’; the provision of goods and services for everyday life which also safeguard the well-being of future generations, for example through the substitution of steel, cement and fossil fuels for wood and renewable energy. The report focusses on developing the wood economy of Wales, providing ways which afforestation and the creation of high value timber products such as timer framed housing could be increased. The report draws lessons from The Republic of Ireland and Scotland who have successfully managed afforestation and processing high value timber products.  

Download the paper from Foundational Economy Research on building a Welsh wood economy through co-ordination

Renewable energy in the foundational economy (2020)

Bevan Foundation and RWE Renewables.  

Download the paper from the Bevan Foundation on Renewable energy in the foundational economy

The Foundational Economy Challenge Fund supported innovative, experimental approaches to community wealth-building and resilient local economies.

Cefnogodd Cronfa Her Economi Sylfaenol dulliau arloesol ac arbrofol o adeiladu cyfoeth cymunedol ac economïau lleol cadarn.

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