Day: February 10, 2021

How to create a more sustainable organisation in 2021

The new year is always a period of reflection, goal setting and looking ahead at the things we’d like to achieve over the next 12 months. 

We know that for many organisations, part of that involves thinking about becoming more sustainable, more fair and more representative. 

Here are our top three tips to get 2021 off to a productive start…

Commit to learning about climate change 

When it comes to the environment, knowledge is power. Learning the science behind climate change is the best way to recognise how it impacts your life and gives you the confidence to make informed decisions that tackle the problem. 

The best place to get started is with an accredited Carbon Literacy training course, which provides a valuable basis of information, resources and accountability for anyone who wants to commit to making a real change this year. 

As the only accrediting body in Wales, we’re proud to have trained over 400 people, from small enterprises to large organisations.

Consider signing up to our next group open course on 25-28 January 2021.

Focus on long-term solutions  

For organisations wanting to make a long-term commitment to sustainable development, consider investing in expert support to help you reach your wider goals. 

This aspect will help you to understand how to balance the financial needs of your business with benefits to society, the economy and the planet. 

Consider a sustainability health check, a review of your environmental policy or getting advice on how to start an environmental management system. 

Our Members have access to a free sustainability assessment, action based training and a diverse network of like-minded people amongst other benefits.  

You can become a member for as little as £150 a year. To find out more, please reach out to 

Become a real Living Wage employer 

Paying the real Living Wage has shown to have a number of benefits for employers and employees alike. 

In 2020, 93% of businesses said that paying a real Living Wage has benefited their business, with a further 75% sharing that it has increased motivation and retention rates for their employees. 

Hundreds of organisations across Wales chose to go further than paying the Government minimum wage last year, by becoming real Living Wage employers, including Health Board, WLGA, United Welsh, Natural Resources Wales. We also completed a clean sweep of accredited universities; a huge achievement for the real Living Wage movement.

We can guide you through the process of becoming a real Living Wage employer. 

Email or Register online via the Living Wage Foundation Website

If you have any questions or want to find out more about how we can help you to achieve your wider goals and objectives, please email

Riversimple Appoint Juergen Maier as Commercial Partner Custodian Director

Maier joins the Welsh hydrogen car manufacturer as they approach volume production

Juergen Maier CBE joins Riversimple after retiring from Siemens a year ago. Maier is actively involved in roles that are focused on accelerating positive change – he is Chair of the Digital Catapult, Co-chairs Made Smarter and serves on the Industrial Strategy Council, which advises Government on Industrial Strategy.

He is also a strong advocate for the modern re-industrialisation of the North of England and is Vice Chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. From his years at Siemens, Juergen has notable experience in collaborating with commercial partners in a wide number of fields, so he comes to the role with a great depth of understanding.

The Commercial Partners Custodian represents the interests of all commercial partners engaged with Riversimple, while also ensuring that Riversimple operates in a manner that is fully consistent with its purpose – namely to pursue, systematically, the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport.

Working with commercial partners, Riversimple’s goal is ultimately to build up a network of relationships that are inherently aligned rather than competitive – and anchored in circular business models based on service rather than product sales.

Maier explains his interest in Riversimple:

My 33 year career has been characterised by technology disruption creating exciting new industries, supporting technology’s role in creating a more sustainable world, and all of that having a positive societal impact. I can’t think of another company that embodies all of this as well as Riversimple. I’m very much looking forward to working with an incredibly ingenious team, creating a new revolution in zero-carbon transport, and creating prosperity for society through that.

Estelle Clark, Steward for Riversimple, said:

“We can already feel the power and focus that Juergen brings to this role. It is a privilege to hear his fresh perspective on Riversimple’s plans and ambitions.”

Riversimple’s Chairman, Guy Battle, commented:

“Juergen’s role will become vital as we approach volume production. We are developing a nascent technology and that needs cooperation, trust and alignment among the players involved. We’re delighted to have such a strong team player at the heart of Riversimple’s value network.”

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