Day: December 4, 2018

Ten Trees for Christmas

[:en]Did you know, your Christmas tree is one of 6 million trees that will be thrown away this January?

Size of Wales have the solution for you! Their Christmas campaign, ‘Ten Trees for Christmas’ is unique to Wales and is offering you the chance to offset this figure and be part of Wales’ response to climate change.

For just £3 you can support Wales’ tree planting project, the Mbale Trees Programme, which will plant 10 fruit trees on your behalf in Uganda, offering a lifeline to Ugandan families whilst offsetting the carbon emissions caused by mass deforestation.

Learn more about the Mbale Tree Programme here>>

Offset your Christmas Tree

One of the highlights of the Christmas season has to be decorating the Christmas tree. The uncomfortable reality is that an estimated 6 million Christmas trees are chopped down each year. So this year join global efforts to offset this figure by donating to replant fruit trees for families in Uganda, for just £3!

Deforestation continues to be one of the major contributing factors of climate change. Trees absorb vast amounts of greenhouse gases that are causing a warming planet. So plant trees that also gives lifelines to families in Uganda!

Plant Fruit Trees on Somebody’s Behalf

It seems that a shift is happening in people’s thinking about Christmas, and slowly, we are moving away from the consumer-driven notion of Christmas and instead choosing to give homemade and/or ethical gifts and charitable donations – so why not plant a tree as a gift to a loved one?

Plant Hundreds of Trees as a Team

Why not scrap the office secret Santa this year? – after all, you’re often left with novelty, unwanted, plastic gifts! Instead, do as Holy Yolks did and pool your Secret Santa budget and donate to tree planting in Uganda so you can proudly say “we have planted hundreds of trees this Christmas”

Send E-cards

1 billion Christmas cards are thrown away each year and the vast majority of these end up in landfill.

Don’t be part of this huge figure! Instead, reduce your Christmas-induced environmental footprint and send your festive wishes to friends and family using e-cards.

Find out how you can do all of these things this Christmas with Size of Wales here>>



 [:cy]Gwrthbwyswch eich coeden Nadolig

Mae addurno’r goeden Nadolig yn gorfod bod yn un o uchafbwyntiau tymor y Nadolig. Y realiti anghyfforddus yw bod tua 6 miliwn o goed Nadolig yn cael eu torri i lawr bob blwyddyn. Felly eleni, ymunwch ag ymdrechion byd-eang i wrthbwyso’r ffigwr hwn trwy roi arian i ailblannu coed ffrwythau i deuluoedd yn Uganda, am ddim ond £3 yn unig!

Mae datgoedwigo yn parhau i fod yn un o’r prif ffactorau sy’n cyfrannu at newid yn yr hinsawdd. Mae coed yn amsugno symiau helaeth o nwyon tŷ gwydr sy’n achosi’r blaned i gynhesu. Felly, plannwch goed gyda ni sydd hefyd yn rhoi llinellau bywyd i deuluoedd yn Uganda!

Plannwch Goeden Ffrwythau ar ran rhywun arall

Plannwch goed ar ran un o’ch anwyliaid y Nadolig hwn.

Mae’n edrych fel bod newid yn digwydd yn y ffordd y mae pobl yn meddwl am y Nadolig, ac yn araf, rydym yn symud i ffwrdd o’r syniad o Nadolig lle mae pawb yn prynu, prynu a phrynu ac yn hytrach, yn dewis rhoi anrhegion cartref/wedi’u gwneud â llaw ac / neu anrhegion moesegol ac elusennol.

Unwaith y byddwch chi wedi rhoi arian i blannu coed yn Uganda fel rhodd, gallwch chi lawrlwytho tystysgrif Maint Cymru i’w roi fel anrheg i un o’ch anwyliaid y Nadolig hwn.

Plannwch Goeden Ffrwythau fel tîm

Beth am anghofio am Siôn Corn Cudd eleni? Wedi’r cyfan, rydych yn aml yn cael eich gadael gydag anrhegion plastig diangen! Yn lle hynny, gwnewch yr un fath ä Holy Yolks, a chasglwch eich harian Siôn Corn Cudd, a’i roi tuag at ein hymgyrch plannu coed yn Uganda, fel y gallwch ddweud gyda balchder “rydym wedi plannu cannoedd o goed y Nadolig hwn”


Oeddech chi’n gwybod bod 1.5 biliwn o gardiau Nadolig yn cael eu taflu ym Mhrydain bob blwyddyn! Ac mae’r mwyafrif helaeth o’r rhain yn diweddu fyny mewn safleoedd tirlenwi.

Peidiwch â bod yn rhan o’r ffigwr enfawr (ac i ddweud y gwir), hurt hwn! Yn lle hynny, ceisiwch leihau eich ôl troed amgylcheddol sydd yn cael ei greu gan y Nadolig ac anfonwch eich dymuniadau Nadoligaidd at ffrindiau a theulu trwy gyfrwng e-gardiau. Dilynwch y camau hawdd hyn i roi arian i blannu coed yn Uganda ac i anfon eich cyfarchion Nadolig.

Gallech chi ddod o hyd i fwy o wybodaeth am sut i wneud hyn gyda Maint Cymru yma>>



Glanrhyd set the Standard as Green Flag Hospital

[:en]Glanrhyd hospital, which looks after nature as well as caring for people has become the first in Wales to receive the prestigious Green Flag Award.

Glanrhyd is only the second hospital in the UK to receive the award, which recognises the finest parks and green spaces.

The historic site has bird and bat boxes, insect-friendly “bug hotels” and interpretive signs explaining the flora and fauna that can be found there.

Local organisations worked alongside the environment team within ABMU’s estates department on the wildlife-friendly features.

Health board Chairman, Andrew Davies, who also chairs the health board’s environment committee, said: “Glanrhyd is an excellent example of how having an attractive natural environment can improve people’s quality of life.

“There is very clear evidence that being able to enjoy the natural environment has a positive impact on the well-being of patients, staff and visitors, and on recovery after illness.

“We have a strong commitment to greening our estates and have been working with our partners to achieve this.

“This work is also helping us deliver the goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.”

ABMU Chief Executive, Tracy Myhill added: “This is a great initiative which benefits the well-being, not only for our patients, but our staff and the wider community too.

“Being the first in Wales and only the second in the UK to achieve this status is a great endorsement to the innovative approach being taken within our health board.

“I commend everyone’s efforts in this achievement as it demonstrates what can be accomplished when we work together with our partners.”

The Glanryhd Hospital site was first laid out, in its distinct Victorian Gothic style, in 1864.

It was originally known as the Glamorganshire County Asylum and is one of only a few former county asylums still active in mental health use.

Earlier this year, the health board secured a tree preservation order on a 120-year-old lime tree in the hospital’s quadrangle.

But a lot of other work has been going on to create a haven for wildlife and a welcoming green space for patients, staff and the wider public.

Mark Humphreys, assistant technical services officer within ABMU’s estates department, said: “We have carried out a number of improvements to encourage wildlife and enhance biodiversity around the site.

“Around 30 bird boxes are being installed and bat boxes will be going up. Log piles have been formed and a wildflower site has been trialled to encourage bees and other insects.

“We have also put up interpretive boards at various locations, to highlight the wildlife and historical landmarks, and showing the site is a welcoming green space for local residents to enjoy.”

ABMU has worked with staff and patients, and several community groups and local organisations on the environmental improvements at Glanrhyd.

One was Wood B, part of the Awen Cultural Trust in Bridgend, which offers employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. They used fallen trees to build the frames of the interpretive boards.

Mental Health Locality Manager, Mike Sullivan, who is based in Glanrhyd, said: “The hospital grounds have long been an asset to patients and staff. Increasingly they are becoming a place of recreation and local interest to members of the community.”

“This award not only recognises the beauty of the surroundings and the dedication of ABMU staff to tend and nurture the environment, but also it reflects how the hospital and mental health care in general are becoming the less stigmatised and separate from the local community.

“The award, I hope, will be a springboard for greater accessibility and interest in the grounds and opportunities for patients, members of the public and nature groups to celebrate a local hidden gem.”

The Green Flag Award programme is delivered in Wales by environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy with support from Welsh Government.

It is judged by green space experts, who volunteer their time to visit applicant sites and assess them against eight strict criteria, including horticultural standards, cleanliness, environmental management and community involvement.

Keep Wales Tidy’s Green Flag coordinator, Lucy Prisk said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating another record-breaking year for the Green Flag Awards in Wales.”

“They are a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers across the country who work tirelessly to maintain Green Flag Award standards.”

Source: Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board[:]

Living Wage Christmas Gift Guide 2018

[:en]With Christmas fast approaching and loved ones to buy gifts for, you may wish to consider the impact of your purchases on your finances, the environment and the people involved in the product’s production and retail.

One side of responsible consumer coin is that of fair pay. In an attempt to make shopping with retailers that pay their employees a Real Living Wage easier,  the Living Wage Foundation has produced the Living Wage Gift Guide 2018 so that you can rest assured that those involved in getting your products to you for wrapping have been paid a fair wage that enables a decent standard of living.

Read the guide here>> 


 [:cy]Gydag amser Nadolig yn nesáu’n gyflym a phobl annwyl sydd angen anrhegion, efallai y byddech chi eisiau ystyried effaith eich pryniannau ar eich arian, yr amgylchedd a’r bobl sy wedi cyfrannu at wneud a gwerthu’r cynnyrch.

Un peth i’w ystyried yw dal teg. Er mwyn hwyluso prynu oddi wrth gyflogwyr Cyflog Byw mae’r sefydliad Cyflog Byw wedi gwneud Canllaw Anrhegion Cyflog Byw 2018 felly yr ydych chi’n gallu cael tawelwch meddwl bod y pobl sy’n ymwneud â’ch pryniant yn ennill cyflog teg sy’n gallu rhoi safon byw barchus iddynt.

Darllenwch y Canllaw yma>>[:]

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