Day: January 29, 2018

Will ultra-low emission vehicles be part of your business?

[:en]Simple answer – yes – if they aren’t already. Welsh businesses should be aware that there is significant pressure on local and national government to do something about air quality. Add to this the slow but inevitable rise in costs of oil and the rapidly reducing costs of electric and you have a business dilemma – when to jump from the sinking fossil fuel ship onto…. what? Hydrogen powered? All electric? Some sort of hybrid?

It’s tricky which is why we are gathering people for a conversation on Car Futures Wales on the 15th February at 17.00 in the Arup Offices Cardiff Bay. BBC Broadcaster Mark Goodier was one of the first people in the UK to drive an electric car and is a keen advocate of the technology. He will be in conversation with Tim Armitage, Arup’s project director of Autodrive, the UK’s first on-road trial of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Mark works with Drive Electric who are the leading provider of electric lease vehicles. Some experts argue that car ownership, as well as they technology that powers them, is set to change in a big way. The pricing mechanisms that may arise in response to congested roads and poor air quality might mean that owning a depreciating lump of metal just doesn’t make sense any more. The car, like the home video, will be claimed by the “service not product” business model.

Tim Armitage will argue that an additional factor in bringing about change will be the advent of driverless technology. Here the service even includes the act of driving. You want to get from A to B in a fast comfortable (and relatively safe) way right? Well do you need to drive then if AI on wheels can do it for you?

Of course there will be some people who just love that physical connection between, senses-mind-hands-road and for them there will always be models available with steering wheels and accelerator pedals. They may even give you a fake Maserati roar.

But for a serious business person looking at margins, predicting trends and future markets, then the reality of ultra-low emission and autonomous vehicles has to be faced.

Join Cynnal Cymru and the experts in conversation on the 15th Feb at Car Futures Wales.[:]

2018 Living Wage Champion Awards


There are 4 weeks left to apply for the 2018 Living Wage Champion Awards and Cynnal Cymru would like to encourage Welsh organisations to apply for the awards. The Living Wage Champion Awards celebrate individuals and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the Living Wage movement.

The Awards are open to all accredited Living Wage Employers, Recognised Service Providers and individuals who have gone above and beyond to promote the real Living Wage.

The categories for the 2018 Living Wage Champion Awards are:

Industry Leadership Award (3 awards)

Three awards for employers leading change in particular industries.


Friendly Funder Award

An award for a Friendly Funder, showing leadership on the Living Wage through grant-making.


Recognised Service Provider Award

An award for a Recognised Service Provider, showing leadership on the Living Wage in the FM or services industry and successfully championing the Living Wage to clients.


Living Wage Innovation Awards (1 for a large organisation, 1 for a small organisation)

An award for organisations showing innovation or furthering the reach of the Living Wage – whether that be in their procurement, their influence or employment practices that complement the Living Wage and reduce in-work poverty.


Local Authority Leadership

An award for a local authority who has shown innovation and leadership in furthering the reach of the Living Wage.


Civil Society Leadership (3 awards)

Three awards for members of civil society who have gone above and beyond to champion the Living Wage. Applications will be through public nominations rather than applications.


Employees’ Choice Award

An award, that will be selected from the applications from all the other awards, based on the testimonies given. It will celebrate those employers who have made steps to and succeeded in reducing in-work poverty and improving the well being of its employees. This award is not open for applications.


The Awards are free to enter, and the deadline for applications is 20th February 2018. The winners will be announced in early June.

Apply now![:]

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